Alcatel-Lucent 6850-U24X User Manual
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The WebView login screen does not display.

This suggests either a physical or network connection issue. Try the following options:

Be sure that you have a good physical Ethernet cable connection to the switch.

Be sure your computer has a valid Ethernet connection and IP address.

Verify that all required WebView image files are installed in the current running directory. See page 26 for more information.

The login screen displays, but the login fails.

This suggests either a user name and password or Authenticated Switch Access error. Try the following options:

Check that you are using the correct user name and password. If you have already changed the user name and password for your switch, be sure to use the new information. If you have not changed the user name and password, the factory defaults are admin andswitch, respectively.

Be sure that you have “unlocked” HTTP sessions on the switch. To unlock HTTP sessions, enter the following command:

->aaa authentication http local

See page 16 for information on unlocking session types.

30 Using WebView

June 2007