Alcatel-Lucent 6850-U24X User Manual
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OmniSwitch 6850 Series

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OmniSwitch 6850-48X

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OmniSwitch 6850-P24X

OmniSwitch 6850-P48X

The OmniSwitch 6850 Series is an advanced fixed configuration family of Ethernet switches. These switches provide wire rate Layer 2 forwarding and Layer 3 routing with advanced services.

They are fixed configuration, triple-speed(10/100/1000) switches that provide increased network performance, improved application response times, secure the LAN, and enhance user productivity by maximizing mobility, network capacity, and services over existing category 5/5E/6 cabling.

Refer to the User Manual CD for additional hardware and software OmniSwitch documentation.

June 2007

OmniSwitch 6850 Series 1

Related Documentation

The following are the titles and descriptions of all the OmniSwitch 6850 Series user documentation included in the User Manual CD:

OmniSwitch 6850 Series Getting Started Guide

Describes the hardware and software procedures for getting an OmniSwitch 6850 Series switch up and running. Also provides information on fundamental aspects of OmniSwitch hardware components and software architecture.

OmniSwitch 6850 Series Hardware Users Guide

Complete technical specifications and procedures for all OmniSwitch 6850 Series hardware, including chassis, power supplies, fans, combo ports, stacking procedures, optional backup power supplies, etc.

OmniSwitch CLI Reference Guide

Complete reference to all CLI commands supported on the OmniSwitch 6850 Series. Includes syntax definitions, default values, examples, usage guidelines, and CLI-to-MIBvariable mappings.

OmniSwitch 6800/6850/9000 Switch Management Guide

Includes procedures for readying a switch for integration into a network. Topics include the software

directory architecture, image rollback protections, authenticated switch access, managing switch files, system configuration, using SNMP, and using web management software (WebView).

OmniSwitch 6800/6850/9000 Network Configuration Guide

Includes network configuration procedures and descriptive information on all the major software features and protocols included in the base software package. Chapters cover Layer 2 information (Ethernet and VLAN configuration), Layer 3 information (static routes), security options (authenticated VLANs), Quality of Service (QoS), and link aggregation.

OmniSwitch 6800/6850/9000 Advanced Routing Configuration Guide

Includes network configuration procedures and descriptive information on all the software features and protocols included in the advanced routing software package. Chapters cover multicast routing (DVMRP and PIM-SM)and OSPF.

OmniSwitch Transceivers Guide

Includes information on Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFPs) and 10 Gbps Small Form Factor Pluggables (XFPs) transceivers.

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June 2007