Alcatel-Lucent 6850-U24X User Manual
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Files and Directories

Boot and Image Files

Although the flash memory on OmniSwitch 6850 Series switches can contain many file types (e.g., log and snapshot files), there are four specific file types that provide key switch and network functions. These files include the boot.cfg file,boot.params file,boot.slot.cfg file, and image (.img) files.

boot.params File

The boot.params file provides IP address, gateway, and mask information for the switch. This information is required for Ethernet connections to the switch.

This file also contains default console port parameters (baud rate, etc.) and can be modified via the modify boot parameters CLI command.

In order to be read by the switch, the boot.params file must be placed in the/flash directory. If the file is deleted for any reason, a newboot.params file will be automatically generated on the next system boot. However, alluser-configuredinformation, such as IP address, gateway, and mask information, will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep a backup copy of this file at all times.

boot.cfg File

The boot.cfg file stores your network configuration parameters. When you first boot the switch, noboot.cfg file is present. This file is automatically generated when you first issue awrite memory command to save your configuration changes. The file is then automatically placed in the

/flash/working directory.

Important. Your switch must be running from the/flash/working directory in order to save changes to theboot.cfg file. Refer to“Working and Certified Directories” on page 22 for more information.

Once the configuration parameters stored in the boot.cfg file are considered tested and reliable, the file can be copied to the/flash/certified directory and become part of the “last known good” software for the switch.

If all copies of this file are deleted and a system boot occurs, your network configuration will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep a backup copy of this file at all times.

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Image Files

Image files (those files with .img extensions) contain an executable code that provides support for the system, Ethernet ports, and network functions. In other words, they serve as essential drivers for switch and network operations.

Although these files may be backed up to the root flash directory or any user-definedsubdirectory, they must be present in the/flash/working and/flash/certified directories for the switch to operate and pass traffic.

If you delete all copies of an image file, you will be required to contact Alcatel-LucentCustomer Support for replacements. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep backup copies on your computer’s hard drive or alocally-accessibleserver.

For a complete list of OmniSwitch 6850 Series image files, along with their functions, refer to the following table:


Contains the OmniSwitch 6850


Series operating system software.




Contains base code for the switch.




Contains release number information


for the system software package.




Provides support for 10/100/1000


and Gigabit Ethernet.




Alcatel-Lucent’sAdvanced Routing


software package. Optional.




Provides enhanced security features


for the switch, such as Authenticated






Provides enhanced hardware


diagnostics for the switch.



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Files and Directories 21

Working and Certified


OmniSwitch 6850 Series switches offer flash memory with

8 MB base ROM space and 64 MB extended ROM. This memory is used to store files, including boot and image files, that are used for switch operations.

The /flash directory contains two subdirectories:/working and/certified. These directories work together to provide theimage rollback resiliency feature. Image rollback allows the switch to return to a prior “last known good” version of software in the event of a system software problem.

Working Directory

Working Directory

Intended for: Files that are being configured and tested. Once these files are considered valid and reliable, they can be copied to the Certified directory.

On reload: If the Working and Certified directories are identical, the switch will automatically run from software in this directory. If the two directories are not identical, you can instruct the switch to run from the Working directory by issuing the reload working command.

Saving changes: You can save configuration changes to the Working directory via the write memory command.

The /flash/working directory is intended for software that is still being configured for your network. Changes made while configuring your switch are saved to theboot.cfg file in the

/flash/working directory.

Once the /flash/working directory’s configuration and image files areroad-testedand considered valid and reliable for your network, they can be copied to the/flash/certified directory.

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June 2007