Alcatel-Lucent 6850-U24X User Manual
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Changing the Login Password

Change the login password for admin user sessions by following the steps below:

1Be sure that you have logged into the switch as user type admin (see“Logging in to the Switch” on page 14).

2Enter the keyword password and pressEnter.

3Enter your new password at the prompt (refer to the note below).

Note. Typically, the password should be a string of nonrepeating characters. The switch’s authentication software uses the first occurrence of the character series to uniquely identify the password. For example, the passwordengrengr is the same asengr. A better password might beengr2735.

4 You will be prompted tore-enterthe password. Enter the password a second time.

Note. Be sure to remember or securely record all new passwords; overriding configured passwords on OmniSwitch 6850 Series switches is restricted.

New password settings are automatically saved in real time to the local user database; the user is not required to enter an additional command in order to save the password information. Also note that new password information is retained following a reboot.

All subsequent login sessions—includingthose through the consoleport—willrequire the new password in order to access the switch.

User Accounts. The switch allows a maximum of 50 user accounts in the local user database. For information on creating additional user types and assigning individual passwords, refer to the “Managing Switch User Accounts” chapter of yourOmniSwitch 6800/6850/9000 Switch Management Guide.

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Setting the System Time Zone

The switch’s default time zone is UTC (also referred to as Greenwich Mean Time).

If you require a time zone that is specific to your region—orif you need to enable Daylight Savings Time (DST) on theswitch—youcan configure these settings via the

system timezone and system daylight savings time commands. For example, to set the system clock to run on Pacific Standard Time, enter the following command:

->system timezone pst

To enable Daylight Savings Time, enter the following command:

->system daylight savings time enable

Many other time zone variables are supported. For detailed information on configuring a time zone for the switch, refer to your OmniSwitch 6800/6850/9000 Switch Management Guide.

Setting the Date and Time

Set the current time for the switch by entering system time, followed by the current time inhh:mm:ss. For example:

->system time 18:35:00

The switch uses a 24-hourclock; the time value shown in the above example would set the time to 6:35 PM.

To set the current date for the switch, enter system date, followed by the current date inmm/dd/yyyy. For example:

->system date 06/27/2005

Setting Optional System


This section provides information on configuring optional system parameters, including:

the switch’s administrative contact

a system name

the switch’s physical location

Specifying an Administrative Contact

An administrative contact is the person or department in charge of the switch. If a contact is specified, users can easily find the appropriate network administrator if they have questions or comments about the switch.

To specify an administrative contact, enter system contact, followed by a text string of up to 254 characters. If you include spaces between words in the text string, be sure to enclose the string in quotes (" ").

For example:

->system contact "JSmith"

18 Your First Login Session

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