Alcatel-Lucent 6850-U24X User Manual
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Unlocking Session Types

Security is a key feature on OmniSwitch 6850 Series switches. As a result, when you access the switch for the first time, you must use a direct console port connection. All other session types (Telnet, FTP, WebView, SNMP, etc.) are “locked out” until they are manually unlocked by the user.

The CLI command used to unlock session types is


Note. When you unlock session types, you are granting switch access tonon-localsessions (e.g., Telnet). As a result, users who know the correct user login and password will have remote access to the switch. For more information on switch security, refer to the “Managing Switch User Accounts” chapter of yourOmniSwitch 6800/ 6850/9000 Switch Management Guide.

Unlocking All Session Types

To unlock all session types, enter the following command syntax at the CLI prompt:

->aaa authentication default local

Unlocking Specified Session Types

You can also unlock session types on a one-by-onebasis. For example, to unlock Telnet sessions only, enter the following command:

->aaa authentication telnet local

To unlock WebView (HTTP) sessions only, enter the following command:

->aaa authentication http local

You cannot specify more than one session type in a single command line. However, you can still unlock multiple session types by using the aaa authentication command in succession. For example:

->aaa authentication http local->aaa authentication telnet local->aaa authentication ftp local

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