Alcatel-Lucent 6850-U24X User Manual
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Your First Login Session

Once the switch or stack has successfully booted and you have accessed your computer’s terminal emulation software via the console port, you are ready to log in to the switch’s Command Line Interface (CLI) and configure basic information.

Complete the following steps during your first login session:

Log in to the switch or stack

Unlock session types

Change the login password

Set the date and time

Set optional system information

Save your changes

Note. You must be connected to the switch via theconsole port before initiating your first login session. If you are using OmniSwitch 6850 Series switches in a stacked configuration, you must be connected to the console port of the stack’s primary switch.

Logging in to the Switch

When you first log in to the switch or stack, you will be prompted for a login (i.e., user) name and password. During this first login session, only one user name option and one password option is available:

Login (i.e., user name)—admin


To log in to the switch or stack, enter admin at the login prompt:

login: admin

Next, enter the factory default password, switch, at the password prompt:

password: switch

14 Your First Login Session

June 2007

The default welcome banner, which includes information such as the current software version and system date, displays— followed by the CLI command prompt:

Welcome to the Alcatel-LucentOmniSwitch 6850 Series Software Version Development, March 16, 2007.

Copyright(c), 1994-2007Alcatel-LucentAll Rights reserved.

OmniSwitch(TM) is a trademark of Alcatel-Lucentregistered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


More Information on User Accounts. A user account includes a login name, password, and user privileges. Privileges determine whether the user has read or write access to the switch and which commands the user is authorized to execute.

For detailed information on setting up and modifying user accounts and user privileges, refer to the “Managing Switch User Accounts” chapter of your OmniSwitch 6800/ 6850/9000 Switch Management Guide.

Assigning an IP Address to the Switch

Assigning an IP address to your OmniSwitch 6850 Series switch is an important step in the setup process.

Remote sessions such as Telnet, FTP, and WebView require an IP address. The IP address for these session types serves as a destination point for the remote session. Therefore, before the switch can support any remote login sessions, a valid IP address must be configured.

To assign an IP address to a switch, simply assign an IP address to the switch’s default VLAN 1 by entering the ip interface command at the CLI prompt. Be sure that the command begins with the command syntax:

->ip interface address

exactly as shown, followed by the IP address. For example:

->ip interface vlan_1 address vlan 1

For information on assigning IP addresses in a stacked configuration, refer to the OmniSwitch 6850 Hardware Users Guide.

June 2007

Your First Login Session 15