Alcatel-Lucent 5070 SSG User Manual

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Alcatel-Lucent5070 SSG


The Alcatel-Lucent5070 Signaling Server Global (SSG) is a powerful platform that combines traditional Signaling Transfer Point (STP) services with advanced Signaling Gateway (SG) functionality. It serves as a critical network element for wireless and wireline networks that are transitioning from TDM to IP/IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architectures. This product provides advanced routing, signaling and call processing applications along with increased levels of connectivity, capacity, reliability and expandability, making it a true workhorse in evolvingservice-providernetworks.

With the latest technology, proven reliability and a robust set of applications, the 5070 SSG allows service providers to expand their existing TDM signaling networks while taking advantage of next generation Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) features and capabilities. The 5070 SSG hosts advanced applications, via flexible routing, such as Local Number Portability (LNP), Mobile Number Portability (MNP), Application Location Register (ALR) routing, Transactions Capabilities Application Part (TCAP) Screening, Mobile Application Part (MAP) Screening, Equipment Identity Register, Massive Call Defense, Call Type Blocking and ANSI-ETSI/ITUInterworking.


Highly flexible, scalable architecture supporting hundreds of links and several applications in a single frame

Specialized signaling security applications to protect the service provider’s network from the latest threats and attacks

Support for high-speedSS7/IP, ATM over T1/E1, and unchannelized E1 links, andlow-speedchannelized

T1/E1 and DS0-Alinks

Duplex (active/ hot standby) link processor for channelized T1/E1

Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN) adaptation protocols (M2PA, M3UA) supporting SS7 over IP

Integrated intelligent routing applications such as LNP, MNP and ALR


Support for TDM PSTN interfaces and bandwidth needs on a proven, highly reliable platform

Support for next-generationsignaling gateway functions for VoIP support and interworking into IMS networks

Flexible and scalable integrated applications for optimizing network designs

Proven field performance and

99.9999 percent availability

Technical specifications


Maximum of 6,144 links

¬Up to 6,144 Channelized T1/E1 links

¬Up to 256 Unchannelized E1 links

¬Up to 640 ATM/T1 links

¬Up to 256 ATM/E1 links

¬Up to 800 IP links

Up to 800 SS7 over IP associations

500 million-entrydatabase capacity for LNP, MNP and ALR

32 logical networks

32 own (alias) point codes per logical network

600 link sets

600 route sets

8,000 routes

500,000 global title translation definitions

Signaling transfer point

SS7 signaling per ANSI/ ITU-Tand ETSI, SIGTRAN and Telcordia standards

Gateway Screening

Message Transfer Part (MTP) and Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP) Origin Based Routing

Global Title Translation

NRC SNS recommendations

Multiple originating point codes

Point Code mapping


Integrated SS7 link monitoring with ILM+ interface

SIGTRAN protocols

SCTP: RFC 2960, 3309

M2PA: RFC 4165

M3UA: RFC 4666

SUA: RFC 3868*

Signaling applications

Number Portability

¬Local Number Portability

¬Mobile Number Portability

¬LNP with EDR number pooling (ANSI)

TCAP Screening

MAP Screening

ALR routing

Triggerless/Triggered Call Type Blocking

Triggerless/Triggered Massive Call Defense

Equipment ID Register (EIR)

MTP/SCCP/SMS Accounting

SS7 defense

SIP to TCAP – LNP, CNAM, Tollfree (ANSI)



Web browser graphical interface

Emergency access via dial-up,serial ports

Online provisioning

Split mode operation for software upgrades

Integration into higher management systems

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) alarm interface

Integrated link monitoring (ILM+)

Logging channel (#2 SCCS)

Telcordia Signaling Network Activation Manager interface

Telcordia Network Performance Monitor interface

Telcordia CMISE LSMS Number Portability interface

Backup / Restore interface to network

Electronic software delivery

Network management

Alcatel-Lucent1300 CMC for management controls of all 5070 SSGs in the signaling network

Service provisioning system (Alcatel-Lucent1300CMC-SPS)for provisioning of advanced routing services such as NP, ALR and CTB (ETSI)


High-speedSS7 links

¬ATM over T1 (1.536 Mb/s)

¬ATM over E1 (2.048 Mb/s)

¬Unchannelized E1 (2.048 Mb/s)

Low-speedSS7 links

¬Channelized T1 (4 T1 per card, 56 and 64 kb/s)

¬Channelized E1 (4 E1 per card, 64 kb/s)

¬DS0-A(56 kb/s)

SS7 over IP


User interfaces:

¬Web browser GUI via 10/100Base-TEthernet

¬Command line interface via RS-232orRS-449local or remote workstations

Physical characteristics

Link scalability from 1 to 64 per channelized T1/E1 card

Multiple virtual SS7/IP links per termination

Duplex (active/ hot standby) link processor for channelized T1/E1

Up to 264 simplex or 132 duplex (redundant) T1/E1 cards in a single frame (ALF)

Up to 1,896 simplex or 948 duplex T1/E1 cards in system

Up to 66 HSL/IP cards in a single Admin Link Frame (ALF) frame

Up to 474 HSL/IP cards in the system

Physical specifications



¬Up to 3 Link Expansion Frames (LEFs)

Width: 28.2 in. (97 cm)

Height: 82.9 in. (210.5 cm)

Depth: 28.5 in. (72.4 cm)

Weight (fully loaded)

¬ALF: 1,400 lbs (635 kg)

¬LEF: 1,300 lbs (590 kg)

Operating environment

Power requirements: –48V DC

Typical power consumption

¬ALF (fully loaded): 3.15 kW

¬LEF (fully loaded): 3.4 kW

Operating temperature

¬Normal operation: 41°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C)

¬Short-termoperation: 23°F to 122°F(–5°Cto +50°C)

Relative humidity

¬Normal operation: 5% to 85%

¬Short-termoperation: 5% to 90%

Regulatory compliance

NEBS certified

CE Mark


EMC: FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class A

Safety: CSA 22.2 950/UL1950, 3rd Edition (60950)

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