Alcatel-Lucent 1643 AMS User Manual

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1643 AMS Access

Multiplexer Small

Cost-effectiveSTM-1multiservice metro access

The Alcatel-Lucent1643 Access Multiplexer Small (AMS) is a compact multiservice provisioning platform (MSPP) that allows service providers to deliver new services to small and medium enterprises (SME). Deliveringcost-effective,multiservice access, the 1643 AMS adds Ethernet to traditional TDM and SDH networks, eliminating the need for overlay equipment. Extending networks to the customer premises, it is energy efficient and compact, improving the use of space and reducing operating expenditures (OPEX) while offering enhancedrevenue-generatingpotential.

2 Alcatel-Lucent1643 AMS Access Multiplexer Small

Meeting enterprise demands

New services, such as triple play and business Ethernet, are placing great demands on the existing transport infrastructure. To be profitable, service providers must reduce OPEX while meeting SME demands by offering a host of revenue-generatingInternet Protocol (IP) and Ethernet services. At the same time, they must avoid the complexity and expense of overlay networks.

The Alcatel-Lucent1643 AMS, a compact multiservice customer

premises equipment (CPE), econo­ mically transports TDM and Ethernet services over SDH networks. This system converges voice and data traffic, eliminating the need for overlay networks.

The 1643 AMS efficiently delivers enterprise network services, such as LAN and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) interconnection over fiber,

all services where high performance and reliability are essential attributes. Used for interoffice applications in both access and mobile networks, it facilitates LAN-to-LANcommunications on campus and virtual private networks (VPNs). The 1643 AMS has the flexibility to function in diverselocal-loopenvironments, supporting various ring configurations for fiber-to-the-businessor-home(FTTB or FTTH) applications.


Offers a cost-effectivemultiservice access platform for SME customers

Increases revenue potential while reducing OPEX

Extends Ethernet service to the customer premises over SDH facilities

Delivers a wide range of installation options

Offers versatile and robust management capabilities and network protection

Supports fiber and copper access for SDH, TDM and Ethernet traffic through both optical and electrical interfaces

Alcatel-Lucent1643 AMS Access Multiplexer Small 3

Enhanced revenue potential, reduced expenses

The 1643 AMS system enhances service-providerrevenue-generatingopportunities by delivering services such as IP transport, Ethernet Layer 2 VPN and TDM. It decreases OPEX through efficient use of space in tight environments and low power consumption.

Extended Ethernet services

When deploying the optional Alcatel-LucentTransLAN® Cards, the 1643 AMS delivers a diverse mix of standardized Ethernet services. Depending on theTransLAN Card selected, the 1643 AMS provides numerous capabilities:

Full Layer 2 switching functional- ity:point-to-pointandpoint-to-multipoint

Virtual concatenation (VCAT) and generic framing procedure (GFP)

Link capacity adjustment scheme


International Electotechnical

Commission (IEEE) 802.1Q and 802.1ad virtual local area network (VLAN) tagging

VLAN trunking, saving physical interfaces at hub locations

As shown in Figure 1, the 1643 AMS supports cost-efficientand reliable multiservice transport for metro access. It can be deployed with other SDH platforms, such as the AlcatelLucent 1645 AMC, for aggregation to higher speed networks.

Figure 1. 1643 AMC supporting a typical metro-accessapplication


E1, E3, DS3



10/100/1000 Ethernet






1850 TSS






1350 OMS


E1, E3, DS3


E1, E3, DS3,



E1, E3, DS3,









E1, E3, DS3





1643 AMS 1645 AMC ATM PABX Router


4 Alcatel-Lucent1643 AMS Access Multiplexer Small

Wide range of installation options

The 1643 AMS is designed for rack-mountedapplications, while offering bothstreet-cabinetand CPE installation capabilities. Using either DC or AC power, it also provides operating flexibility.

1643 AMC

Versatile and robust management capabilities

As part of the Alcatel-Lucentoptical portfolio, the 1643 AMS is supported by theAlcatel-Lucent1350 Optical Management System (OMS), a flexible network management package customized to meet specific operational needs. With OMS, the 1643 AMS is managed through an embedded communications channel. The 1643 AMS also supports a PCbased craft interface for local and remote management andlow-costcentra­lized alarming. In addition, the 1643 AMS can be integrated into Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management systems.

The 1643 AMS derives fault-manage-ment information by monitoring and analyzing information contained in the path overhead of each virtual

container (VC). Alarm information is filtered and displayed locally, and transmitted to the managementcenter database.

Performance-managementinfor­ mation from the overhead bytes is analyzed and stored in the database of the 1643 AMS. When equipped with aTransLAN Card, the 1643 AMS storesEthernet-specificper­ formance information. This feature facilitates quick turnaround forphysical-configurationchanges. For data communication networks (DCNs), the 1643 AMS offers several data communication channel (DCC) functions, providing multivendor interworking opportunities.

The 1643 AMS is a compact and cost-effectivemultiservice unit that enablesnext-generationservices over existing SDH networks.

AlcatelvLucent 1643 AMS Access Multiplexer Small 5

Fiber and copper access options

When fiber access is available, the 1643 AMS is installed directly as CPE. If the last mile to the customer premise must be bridged through copper, the 1643 AMS provides a symmetric high-speeddigital subscriber line (SHDSL) option. As a result, E1 over copper or10/100BASE-TEthernet access

through up to four combined SHDSL copper lines can be served.

The base 1643 AMS configuration consists of a main board with 16 E1 ports, cages for two Small Form Factor Pluggables (SFPs) and one optionboard slot. The hot-pluggableSFPs used interminal-multiplexeror add/ drop multiplexer (ADM) applications, are offered in three different types:

STM-1optical line interface:


STM-1electrical interface


In addition, there is an option board available to support one of the follow­ ing interface types: E1, DS1, E3, DS3, SHDSL and 10/100/1000BASE-Tand1000BASE-XEthernet.

6 Alcatel-Lucent1643 AMS Access Multiplexer Small


The E1 ports offer an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) mode, meeting to G.704 and I.431 specifications, and they support retiming mode and frame-slipcontrol. The system offers flexible and adaptive bandwidth allocation by transporting LAN traffic in VCATVC-12sorVC-3s.

The 1643 AMS adds Ethernet, Fast Ethernet (FE) and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) transport service to the existing SDH infrastructure. A more cost-effectivealternative to separate networks, it converges voice and data traffic, eliminating the need for overlay networks and increasing the network’s revenuegenerating opportunities.

This compact STM-1multiservice CPE providescost-effectivenextgeneration services to SME custo­ mers and offers a variety of aggregate interfaces suitable forshort-range

or long-rangetransmission. Itsstandards-basedapproach ensuresrock-solidperformance in enterprise applications where reliability is crucial forbusiness-criticalcommunications.

The 1643 AMS delivers cross-featureavailability andcircuit-packcompatibility with otherAlcatel-Lucentoptical products, a very high mean time between failures (MTBF) rate and a very low failure rate. Using aTransLAN Card to leverage existing SDH investments, this multiservice CPE is used for enterprise network applications with high performance and reliability requirements. It also offers a flexible choice of optical and tributary interfaces.

Key features

Low-costmultiservice accessover the established SDH base

Wide range of SFP interface types: S1.1, L1.1, L1.2,STM-1bidirectional andSTM-1electrical

Ethernet, FE and GigE with an optionalTransLAN Card

Spaceand energy-savingcompact design

VC-12,VC-3SNC protectionand 1+1 multiplexer section protection (MSP)

Orderwire support

E1/Ethernet over copper

(TU-12)through SHDSL

Street cabinet or CPE installation options

Optional Ethernet Layer 2 switching and aggregation

Alcatel-Lucent1643 AMS Access Multiplexer Small 7

Recognized World Leader

in Optical Networking

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