Aiwa AZ-RS1 User Manual
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B Listening to the radio









Listening to the radio

You can listen to FM broadcasts

with and without inserting the “pavit” in the player.

1 Press and hold Nx/POWER until the player is turned on.

If the radio was selected when you turned off the player last time, or if the “pavit” is not inserted in the player, the radio will be selected automatically when you turn on the player.

2 Press TUNER repeatedly to select “FM 1” or “FM 2.”

3 Press and hold . (DOWN) or > (UP) for about one second.

The player starts scanning the frequencies and stops when it finds a receivable station.

If you press . (DOWN) or> (UP) repeatedly, the frequency changes step by step.

To turn off the radio

Turn off the power by holding down Nx/ POWER until “SEE YOU” appears in the display.

If you press Nx/POWER, music data will be played from the position where the playback was last stopped.


To enhance detection of receivable stations

If there are stations that you want preset but cannot do it automatically because their signals are not strong enough, change the setting of “AUTO STOP LEVEL” to “HIGH” in order to enhance detection of receivable stations.

1Press MENU.

2Press . (DOWN) or> (UP) repeatedly to select “AUTO STOP LEVEL.”

3Press MENU.

4Press . (DOWN) or> (UP) to select “HIGH*.”

In case the same station is preset on two or more preset numbers because its signal is too strong, set the “AUTO STOP LEVEL” to “LOW.”

5Press MENU.

Presetting radio stations

You can preset up to 20 FM radio stations, 10 stations each for FM 1 and FM 2.

To preset stations automatically (Auto preset)

1 Perform steps 1 and 2 of “Listening to the radio” (page 16) to select the band.

2 Press PRESET.

” and the preset numbers appear

in the display.

3 Press and hold PRESET for more than 2 seconds.

” starts flashing, and the player

* The default setting at the time of purchase is starts scanning for stations from the “MID.”

lower frequencies.


Changing the setting of “AUTO STOP LEVEL” does not change the reception sensitivity.

the Using radio

To improve the reception

The headphone cord functions as the FM antenna. Extend the cord to improve the reception.





The first received station is preset on the preset number 1, and then the player starts scanning for the next receivable station.

If you press Nx/POWER or TUNER during auto presetting, the player stops scanning and exits the auto preset mode, and music data playback starts or the radio is switched to the other band.



To preset a station manually

(Manual preset)

If there is a station that cannot be preset automatically, you can preset it manually by the following procedure.

Before starting, you must exit the auto preset mode (“” and the preset numbers should not be displayed).

1Press TUNER repeatedly to select “FM 1” or “FM 2.”

2Tune in the station you want to preset.

3Press and hold PRESET for more than 2 seconds.

” and the preset numbers flash in the display.

4Within 10 seconds, press . or> repeatedly to select the preset number you want to store the station on.

The selected preset number starts flashing.

5Within 10 seconds, press PRESET.

To tune in a preset station

1 Press TUNER repeatedly to select “FM 1” or “FM 2.”

2 Press PRESET to display the preset numbers.

3 Press . or > repeatedly to select the preset number of the station you want to tune in.

To clear all preset stations

Turn off the power, remove the “pavit” from the player, and press and hold Nx/POWER for more than 10 seconds.

The preset stations return to those at the time of purchase.