Aiwa AZ-RS1 User Manual
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What you can do with your player

AZ-RS1/RS128/RS256is a portable USB memory player with FM radio specially designed for use with a USB storage media called “pavit.” You can send MP3 files on your computer to the “pavit,” insert the “pavit” into the player, and carry your favorite songs anywhere. In addition to playing music data (MP3), you can listen to FM broadcasts with this player.

1 Send your

2 Enjoy music

favorite songs

anywhere with

to the “pavit.”

your player!

Use the supplied “Music Transfer pavit Edition” software to send MP3 files from your computer to the “pavit.”

What is “pavit”?

The “pavit” is a compact, lightweight, new-generationUSB storage media* with a large storage capacity. Although the “pavit” is dedicated to“pavit”-compatibledevices, it can also be used as an external storage media for your computer, since it connects directly to the USB port, a standard interface for personal computers.

*Storage media is a device that can store data, such as floppy disk, hard disk and magneto-opticdisk (MO).

The “pavit” complies with USB2.0 (High-SpeedUSB).


Main features

Compact size, lightweight, highly portable, with skip-proofoperation



• The player is equipped with an FM radio tuner. You can listen to FM broadcasts in addition to






playing music data (MP3).


Up to 240 minutes of music can be stored in a 256-MB“pavit” and 120 minutes in a128-MB


MP3 files on your computer are sent to the “pavit” by simple and easy operations using the



supplied “Music Transfer pavit Edition” software.


The “pavit” connects directly to the USB port on your computer for high-speeddata transfer.


You can also store a variety of data other than MP3 files in the new-generationUSB storage



media “pavit.”


*The time length varies according to the bit rate used when encoding MP3 files. The times indicated here are for 128-kbpsMP3 files.


Music you record is limited to private use only. Any other use requires the permission of the copyright holders.

Sony is not liable for incomplete data transfer or damaged data due to problems of this product or your computer.