Aiphone FK1628 B P0811JZ User Manual

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FK1628 B P0811JZ


Commercial & Security IP Video Intercom system

Network Direct System


Thank you for selecting Aiphone for your communication and security needs. Please read this manual carefully before installation, and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Also read the SETTING MANUAL and OPERATION MANUAL on the CD-ROMincluded with the IP master station(IS-IPMV).* Refer to the manuals for the standard (IP) system as needed.

When the installation is completed, configure the system by following the SETTING MANUAL. Otherwise, the system will be nonfunctional.


Do not install the system until you have completely understood the system and this manual.

The system must be installed and wired by a qualified technician well-versedin network construction.

Please note that the illustrations in this manual may differ from the actual ones.





WARNING .......................................


CAUTION ........................................




Notes on using this system..........






AND CONNECTIONS ......................


Entire system ................................


Network direct system


connection diagram.......................




UNIT DETAILS ................................


Color monitor IP master station


(IS-IPMV) .........................................


■ Accessories ..........................................


■ Mounting...............................................


■ Connections .........................................


IP vandal-resistantvideo door


station (IS-IPDV,IS-IPDVF)............


■ Accessories ..........................................


■ Mounting locations ...................................


■ Mounting positions and image view


area of IP video door station ................


■ Mounting.............................................


■ Connections


(IS-IPDVandIS-IPDVF) .....................






WARRANTY ...................................


After unpacking, check the included parts for each product referring to the corresponding pages.


The IS system provides various manuals to meet various system planning and work processes. Use the manuals necessary for your system.

Manual configurations

The following manuals are provided for a network direct system. Read all the manuals for installing, setting up, and using a network direct system, or provide the manuals to the persons working with the system.

* These manuals may also be needed when installing an IP master station or IP video door station in a standard (IP) system.

INSTALLATION MANUAL (This manual included with the IP master station(IS-IPMV))

Used for installing and connecting stations. (For an installer or serviceman)

SETTING MANUAL (An electronic manual on the CD-ROMincluded with the IP master station(IS-IPMV))

Used for making the system settings and system maintenance. (For an installer or serviceman)

OPERATION MANUAL (An electronic manual on the CD-ROMincluded with the IP master station(IS-IPMV))

This manual describes how to use this system for calling, communicating, paging, monitoring, etc. (For users of the system)

*If you will use these products in a standard (IP) system, also refer to the INSTALLATION MANUAL, SETTING MANUAL and OPERATION MANUAL on the CD-ROMincluded with an IP control unit(IS-IPC).






General Prohibitions

Prohibition to Dismantle the Unit



Prohibition on Subjecting the Unit to Water














General Precautions


















8. If LCD is punctured, do not allow contact with the liquid crystal
















inside. Inflammation could result. If necessary, gargle your

Negligence could result in death or serious injury.




mouth and clean your eyes or skin with clear water for at least




15 minutes, and consult your doctor.


Do not dismantle or alter the unit. Fire or electric shock could







9. Do not put anything on the unit or cover the unit with cloth, etc.




















Fire or unit trouble could result.




Keep the unit away from water or any other liquid.









10. Do not install the unit in any of the following locations. Fire,




Fire or electric shock could result.










electric shock, or unit trouble could result.


High voltage is present internally. Do not open the case.







* Places under direct sunlight or places near heating




Electric shock could result.










equipment that varies in temperature.


The unit is not of explosion-proof.Do not install or use near







* Places subject to dust, oil, chemicals, hydrogen sulfide (hot




gases or flammable materials. Fire or explosion could result.






Do not connect any non-specifiedpower source to the +, -




* Places subject to moisture and humidity extremes, such as




terminals. Also, do not install two power supplies in parallel to a



bathrooms, cellars, greenhouses, etc.




single input. Fire or damage to the unit could result. Be sure to




* Places where the temperature is quite low, such as inside a




connect a single power supply unit to the unit.




refrigerated area or in front of an air conditioner.


Do not connect any terminal on the unit to an AC power line.




* Places subject to steam or smoke (near heating or cooking




Fire or electric shock could result.






Do not use power supply with a voltage other than specified.




* Where noise generating devices such as dimmer switches or




inverter electrical appliances are closeby.




Fire or electric shock could result.










* Locations subject to frequent vibration or impact.


Keep AC cord from being marred or crushed. If the AC cord is







11. Do not use the handset when you perform a call test or check




fractured, fire or electric shock could result.







Do not plug or unplug with wet hands. Electric shock could




the volume, otherwise it may cause damage to your ear. Be











sure to use the built-inspeaker.










12. Be sure to perform a call test or check the volume with the


Insert AC plug completely and securely into AC outlet.







handset on the hook. If you operate the hook switch with the




Otherwise, fire or electric shock could result.










handset on your ear, a sudden call etc. may arrive causing


Do not put any metal or flammable material into the unit







damage to your ear.




through the openings. Fire, electric shock, or unit trouble could



























The unit must be installed and wired by a qualified technician.





Existing wiring such as chime wiring, etc. may contain high




1. Keep the unit more than 1 m (3.3') away from radio or TV.




voltage AC electricity. Damage to the unit or electric shock




2. Keep the intercom wires more than 30cm (12'') away from AC




could result. Wiring and installation should be done by a










100-240Vwiring. AC induced noise and/or unit malfunction could




qualified technician.





































3. Install the unit in an area that will be accessible for future

















inspections, repairs, and maintenance.

Negligence could result in injury to people or damage to property.



4. As to other manufacturer’s devices (such as door releases) used



with this system, comply with the Specifications and Warranty


Do not install or make any wire terminations while power supply




conditions that the manufacturers or venders present.




is plugged in. It can cause electrical shock or damage to the unit.



5. If the unit is down or does not operate properly, unplug the power


When mounting the unit on a wall, install the unit in a








convenient location, but not where it could be jarred or




6. If it is used close to a cellular phone, the unit may malfunction.




bumped. Injury could result.




7. The unit can be damaged if dropped. Handle with care.


Before turning on power, make sure wires are correctly




8. The unit turns inoperative during power failure.




connected, not crossed or not shorted. If not, fire or electric




9. In areas where broadcasting station antennas are close by, the




shock could result.
















intercom system may be affected by radio frequency interference.


Do not install the unit in locations subject to frequent vibration or







10. All the units, except for door station, is designed for indoor use




impact. It may fall or tip over, resulting in damage to the unit or










only. Do not use outdoor.




personal injury.
















11. This product, being a control unit of door release, should not be


For power supply, use Aiphone power supply model or model







used as a crime prevention device.




specified for use with system. If non-specifiedproduct is used,










12. It must be noted in advance that the LCD panel, though




fire or malfunction could result.





On products with ground terminals, connect to an earth ground.



manufactured with very high precision techniques, inevitably will



have a very small portion of its picture elements always lit or not lit




Fire or malfunction could result.










at all. This is not considered a unit malfunction.


Do not put high pressure on the monitor. If fractured, injury







13. Door station is weather-resistant,but do not spray with high-




could result.
















pressure water. Unit trouble could result.





















14. For wiring, specify CAT5e/6 straight cable.













15.Due to the environmental sound around the unit, it may hinder smooth communication, but this is not a malfunction.

16.When outside temperature lowers sharply after rainfall, etc., the inside of camera may fog up slightly, causing a blurry picture, but this is not a malfunction. Normal operation will be restored when moisture evaporates.

17.Do not locate the units in a location with restricted access. It impedes maintenance inspection or repairs. Also, unit trouble could result.

Notes on using this system

The ID/Password to access the web server for setting the system is the customer's responsibility. Make sure you set a password that cannot be easily guessed by a third party. We recommend that you change the ID/Password on a regular basis.


We will under no conditions be liable for damage that occurs due to failures in network equipment; failures due to internet providers and cell phone companies; failures such as disconnected lines and

other losses in communication, which render it impossible to provide this service or in any way delay this service due to causes outside of our responsibility; or if an error or missing data occurs during transmission.

We will under no conditions be liable for damage that occurs due to the inability to communicate due to malfunctions, problems, or operational errors in this product.

We will under no conditions be liable for damage caused if a customer's password or transmitted information are leaked through bugging or unlawful computer access over Internet communication.

We will under no conditions be liable for any damages or losses resulting from this product's contents or specifications.

This manual was created by Aiphone Co., Ltd., all rights reserved.

Copying a part of or this entire manual without prior permission from Aiphone Co., Ltd. is strictly forbidden.

Please note that images depicted in this manual may differ from the actual images.

Please note that this manual may be revised or changed without prior notice.

Please note that product specifications may be changed for the sake of improvement without prior notice.

Please be aware that it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that their computer is secure. We will under no conditions be liable for security failures.

This system is not intended for life support or crime prevention. It is just a supplementary means of conveying information. Aiphone will under no conditions be liable for loss of life or property which occurs while the system is being operated.


The IS system is a commercial and security video intercom system especially designed for applications in facilities such as office buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, and prisons. Installed separately from conventional general-purposeinternal communications systems, the IS system can be used as a video door entry system, emergency announcement system, rescue assistance system, urgent call system, public announcement system, and access control system.

The IS system can be constructed on an IP network so multiple sites of IS system can be connected and controlled as a global system. You can design the system to any scale depending on your needs.

Entire system

You can construct a large-scaleIS system by connecting up to 32 sites (a site can consist of up to 32 IP units) on an IP network. In this system, calling, communication, etc. are possible among sites.

Site 1

Site 2

Site 32

Site 3

Site 4


Network direct system connection diagram

The following is an example of network direct system for controlling security and communication for facilities.

A site must be configured with an IP-basedsystem.

A network direct system can consist of IP units.

An IP unit (PC master station, IP door station or IP master station) can be connected directly to a LAN.

In a site, up to 32 IP units can be connected.

Site 1

: Control office, etc.

Internet / WAN

Site 3

Site 32

Network direct system

Site 2


LAN (IP network)




























Switch (Hub)


Switch (Hub)




















PC master station






Audio recorder

*1: Do not usePS-2420Sin Europe.

: IS system product




























Switch (Hub)


Switch (Hub)



















































Electric door strike

Electric door strike

Maximum number of units connectable to a site of "network direct system"



Model name


Max. number


Master station


Color monitor IP master station



IS-SOFT(PC master station)

PC master station



Sub station


IP vandal-resistantvideo door station(surface-mount)





IP vandal-resistantvideo door station(flush-mount)





*2: Up to 31 PC master stations(IS-SOFT)can be connected within an IP network per site. If you do so, at least one color monitor IP master station(IS-IPMV)or IPvandal-resistantvideo door station(IS-IPDVorIS-IPDVF)must be also connected. (A site of network direct system cannot consist of PC master stations(IS-SOFT)only.)



Cables and connectors are not included with the products. Refer to page 7 to 11 for details about each unit connection.

Notes on cables

Unless otherwise noted, never use individual conductors, twisted pair cable or coaxial cable.

Odd number cables, such as three conductor wire, cannot be used.

Notes on CAT5e/6 cables

Do not bend the cables to an extent where the radius is less than 25 mm (1”). Communication failure could result.

Arrange the color code of the RJ45 connections in accordance with EIA/TIA-568Aor 568B.

CAT5e/6 cable

25mm (1") or more

CAT5e/6 cable

Less than 25mm (1")

Do not remove the CAT5e/6 cable jacket more than necessary.







Pair3 Pair1 Pair4


Pair2 Pair1 Pair4










1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8























Be sure to check the condition of cable connections with a LAN checker before connecting with a LAN cable.

An RJ45 connector with a cover cannot be connected to the port for CAT5e/6 on IP master stations or IP door stations. Use a cable without a cover.

Do not pull or put excess strain on CAT5e/6 cables.

Use a straight-throughcable for connecting units. Use a crossover cable when connecting with a PC directly.

How to connect or disconnect stranded wires.

Twist the strands together, then insert the wire into one of the quick coupling terminals.

To ensure that the wire won't bend, press the release button while inserting into terminal.

e.g.) IS-IPMV(back)



Release button



Color monitor IP master station (IS-IPMV)

* For the part names and their functions, see the OPERATION MANUAL.


Mounting bracket × 1Desktop stand × 1Tie-wrap× 1Name plate × 1Name card × 1

Screw (15mm (5/8"), for wall-mounting)× 4Screw (25mm (1"), for gang box) × 4Screw (10mm (7/16"), for desktop stand) × 4Installation manual (a booklet in English) × 1

CD-ROM(Installation manual, Setting manual and Operation manual) × 1China RoHS paper × 1


When mounting on a wall

<Back wiring>



3 Mount the unit on the

Name card × 1 (included*


mounting bracket.



The unit



CAT5e/6 cable


A single-gangbox can also be used for wiring. When using asingle-gangbox, fasten the mounting bracket to the wall

directly by using the screw holes for 3-gangbox.

Name plate × 1 (included*2)

Filling in the target names on the name card

1Remove the transparent name plate by pushing either upper or lower side of the plate.

*Remove the name card if necessary.

2Fill in the target names on the white space of the name card.

3Replace the name plate.

*2: The name plate and name card are attached to the unit with shipment.

<Surface wiring>

Mounting bracket

(attached to the unit with shipment)

Screw (for gang box) × 4 (included)

1 Fasten the mounting


bracket to the wall.

Option wires (and power wires)

2 Connect the CAT5e/6 cable and option wires to the unit.

Connect the CAT5e/6 cable and option wires to the unit and route them as shown.

92mm (3-5/8")

83.5mm (3-5/16")

Mounting bracket

(attached to the unit with shipment)

Screw (for wall-mounting)× 4 (included)

The unit


When mounting on a desktop stand

4 Mount the unit on the mounting bracket.

2 Fasten the mounting

bracket to the desktop stand.

CAT5e/6 cable

The unit

Option wires







(and power wires)




Screw (for desktop stand) × 4






3 Connect the CAT5e/6 cable

Mounting bracket

Desktop stand

and option wires to the unit.

(attached to the unit


with shipment)


Attach the screws to the screw holes for 3-gangbox on the mounting bracket to make both sides of the mounting bracket contact the desktop stand.

If necessary, secure the CAT5e/6 cable with the tie-wrap(included).

1 Set up the desktop stand.

*Set up the desktop stand on a level surface etc. so that it is stabilized. Fix the desktop stand in place if needed.

*The desktop stand allows you to adjust it in 3 setup angles.

Put the leg in a groove on the base that corresponds to the desired angle.


Base Leg




Audio output (50mVrms, 600Ω)

Audio recorder, etc.



15m (50')



















































































































































Switch (Hub)





































100m (330')































































































































NP: Non-polarized
























Power supply unit *1

P: Polarized










































15m (50')















































































*1: A power supply unit is not needed when using a switch or injector that has a PoE (Power over Ethernet) function. The unit is supplied with power along with data signal via a LAN cable.


Do not use the unoccupied terminals and ports for other purposes.

In order to prevent miswiring, label both ends of each cable with the unit and terminal names to which they are to be connected.

For connecting other manufacturer’s products, refer to the instruction manuals for those products.

The illustration of the unit’s rear panel differs from the actual one. This is for simplifying the connection diagram.


IP vandal-resistantvideo door station(IS-IPDV,IS-IPDVF)


Screw (for wall-mounting)× 4(IS-IPDVonly)Anchor × 4(IS-IPDVonly)

Transparent name plate × 2Special screw × 4 (IS-IPDVFonly)

Special screwdriver × 1Back box × 1 (IS-IPDVFonly)China RoHS paper × 1

Mounting locations

Do not install this unit in any of the following locations where lighting or the ambient environment could impact the display on the video monitor due to the characteristics of the door station's camera.

a Locations subject to

b There is a white wall behind

c Other locations subject to strong


direct sunlight


the caller


lighting or backlighting conditions





















































































Mounting positions and image view area of IP video door station

Wide picture

Objects appear

Wide picture









smaller due to






greater distortion


Mounting position



Mounting position



in the surrounding

1,500 mm (5')

1,300 mm (4' 3")

sections compared to





1,050 mm

Approx. 2,050 mm (6' 9")




the central section,


Approx. 1,850 mm (6' 1")


(3' 5")




but a wider area is


Unit center





Approx. 1,050 mm (3' 5")

Approx. 1,050 mm (3' 5")

Unit center


The display range is








Zoom picture

a rough estimation

Approx. 1,000 mm (3' 4")

1,500 mm (5')

Approx. 800 mm (2' 7")

1,300 mm (4' 3")

and may change due




500 mm (20")


500 mm (20")



to the installation
















Approx. 700 mm (2' 3")











Approx. 170°

An area over a range of approx. 170° in a 500 mm



(20") radius from the camera displays.


Approx. 900 mm (3')




(The display range is a rough estimation and may



500 mm (20")

The zoom position can be changed.

change due to the installation environment.)






(Refer to the OPERATION MANUAL.)





The factory setting is "Center" for Zoom mode.





Zoom picture (when mounting position is 1,500 mm (5'))


Zoom <Up>

Approx. 2,300 mm (7' 7")

Approx. 850 mm (2' 9")

Unit center

Approx. 1,450 mm (4' 9")

500 mm 1,500 mm (5')



Zoom <Left>

500 mm (20")

Approx. 100 mm (4")

Approx. 1,300 mm (4' 3")

Zoom <Center>

Approx. 1,900 mm (6' 3")


Approx. 700 mm (2' 3")

Unit center

Approx. 1,200 mm (3' 11")

1,500 mm (5')



500 mm (20")

Zoom <Center>

500 mm (20")

Approx. 900 mm (3')

Zoom <Down>


500 mm (20")

Approx. 1,600 mm (5' 4")

Unit center


Approx. 850 mm (2' 9")

1,500 mm (5')


Approx. 750 mm (2' 5")

Zoom <Right>

500 mm (20")

Approx. 100 mm (4") Approx. 1,300 mm (4' 3")




1 Loosen the screw

with the special screwdriver, and remove the front panel.


Special screwdriver (included)

4 Fasten the unit to the


mounting surface.

Make room for threading a screw.



Use board anchors or concrete

Screw mounting



plugs as needed.

Unit center


hole x 4








Anchor x 4







Ø 6 mm

35 mm




(Ø 1/4")





front panel

Option wires








194 mm


(and power wires)





Mounting height







GL=1,500 mm (5')







CAT5e/6 cable








25 mm (1")




25 mm (1")




81 mm (3-1/4'')






The unit

Screw (for wall-mounting)× 4 (included)

Water escape holes Do not block the holes.

3 Open the terminal cover, and

connect the CAT5e/6 cable and option wires to the unit.


5 Attach the front panel to the unit by hanging the upper 2 parts on the unit.

*Tighten the screw with the lower part of the front panel pressed to the wall.

2 Insert the transparent name plate.(IS-IPDVandIS-IPDVF)

1Peel off the protective seals on the plate (both sides).

2Fill in the name on the transparent name plate.

Be sure to leave 25 mm (1") of white space on the right end to account for insertion.

3Insert the filled-intransparent name plate at the

specified insertion opening (indicated with






25 mm (1")

To insertion opening ABCDEFG

2 mm (1/8")


Flush mount back box (included)

Vandal-resistantfront panel with the unit attached




Special screwdriver








Special screw x 4 (included)

120 mm (4-3/4'')


1 Install the back box in the wall, and

235 mm

then connect the CAT5e/6 cable


and option wires to the unit with the


terminal cover open.

Mounting height (box center)

GL=1,500 mm (5')

45 mm (1-13/16'')

Transparent name plate

3 Fasten the front panel to the back box with the special screws.

2 Insert the transparent name plate.

* See above for details.