Aiphone AN-8500MS User Manual

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Thank you for purchasingAIPHONE's IP MultifunctionalMaster Station.

Please carefully follow the instructions in this manual to ensure long,trouble-freeuse of your equipment.

0 Before installation or use, be sureto carefully read all the instructions in this section for correct and safe operation.

0 Be sureto follow all the precautionary instructions in this section, which contain important warnings and/or cautions regarding safety.

0 After reading, keep this manual handy for future reference.

Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if mishandled, could result in moderate or minor personal injury, and/or property damage.

When the Unit is in Use

0 Use the dedicated AC adapter or its equivalent for the unit. Note that the use of other adapter may cause a fire.


The AN-8500MSis an IP multifunctional master station designed for use with AIPHONE's network intercom system that employs the packet audio technology*'.

Connecting the IP multifunctional master station to a network permits the ideal system for in-houseorwide-areainformation transmission applications, such as paging, periodical broadcasts, and background music broadcasts,to be built in combination with theAN-8000MIMulti interface unit andAN-8000EXIP Intercom Exchange.

Using an optional YC-280Wall mounting bracket, the station can be mounted on a wall, or tilted for easy key operation when used on a desktop.

*' Technology relatedto audio transmission over a network.


Clear conversations between stations over wide band.

The system's echo cancellation*2feature makeshands-freeduplex conversation possible (conversations made without using a handset at both parties) between stations.

Can be connected to an existing local area network (LAN) or wide-areanetwork (WAN). The system can also be easily connected tofiber-opticnetworks without restrictionson operating distance.

0 The dedicated software program enables centralized control with a personal computer.

*System maintenance (verifying operation log and line supervision) can also be performed with a personal computer and Internet browser.

0 Connectingthe station to a PoE (Power over Ethernet) switching hub eliminates the need for an AC adapter.A PC can be cascaded with the station. If power is not supplied to the station, hub function will not work.

**A circuit that prevents acoustic feedback or echo generated when the voice output from the station's internal speaker enters the microphone.


When mountingthe station on a wall, the orientation of the handset hook needs to be changed.

Step 1. Raise the number directory cover forward tab.

Number directory covet

Step 2. Remove both the number directory cover and the directory. Remove the handset hook and reverse its orientation, then replace.

Step 3. After replacing the directory on the station, hook the directory cover's forward tab and push on the upper part of the directory cover.


The optional YC-280Wall mounting bracket is required.

The YC-280can be mounted to aone-gangelectricalbox.

5.1. Mounting

Step 1. Install theYC-280to the wall



0Use the appropriate screws for the construction of wall.

0 Wood screws 3.5 x 20 are supplied with theYC-280.

0 No fitting screws for an electrical box are supplied.

Use commercially available screws.

Step 2. Hang the station on the wall mounting bracket hookto install.

Push down the station body in the direction indicated by the arrows.

Wood screw 3.5 x 20 (supplied with theYC-280)

5.2. Installation Completion Drawing

5.3. YC-280Dimensional Drawing



Unit: mm

4.6 x 6

Unit: mm









In desktop installations, the front operation panel can be inclined 16" from the desk surface for easier operation by attaching the YC-280Wall mounting bracket to its bottom surface.

6.1. Mounting

6.2. Installation


Hang the YC-280'shook on the station's wall bracket mounting slot



Unit: mm

to install.



Push up the YC-280in the direction indicated by the arrows.

AN-8500MsAYC-280 Wall YC-280

h mounting bracket



Rubber foot


the YC-280)


Power supply connection

The following 2 methods are available for supplying power to the station.

0 From a DC 12 V AC adapter

0 From an IEEE802.3af compliant PoE switching hub

(For connection, refer to the instruction manual supplied with the switching hub.)

AC adapter connection


Connect the AC adapter*. Install the supplied ferrite clampon theAC adapter cableby windingthe cable around theferrite clamp once




Ferrite clamp (accessory)

*Use the AC adapterAD-121OP (optional)or the equivalent.As for the usable adapter, consult the AIPHONE sales


External speaker connection

Press down the desired pushin terminal button with a tip of

standard driver, and


the cable securely.

11 mm

* Applicable cables are as follows.

Conductor diameter: COM HOT 00.4- 1.3 mm (AWGI6- 26), Solid wire

00.7 - 1.4 mm (AWGI6- 22), Stranded wire

0 When using the external speaker,IN-,-. EXT. set the internal/external speakersp sp switch on the bottom to the EXT.

SP position.



PC connection

Use a UTP category 5 straightthrough cable with an RJ-45connector for this connection.

Can be connected to a network of IOBASE- TI1OOBASE-TXinauto-sensing.

Use a UTP category 5 straight-throughcable with anRJ-45connector for this connection.

8. A


CD* ....................................................................


Ferrite clamp

...................................................... 1

*Contains the AN-8000setting software program and theAN-8000series instruction manual. The Setup Launcher is automatically started when the suppliedCD-ROMis inserted into the PC's drive.


If your PC's CD drive is not compatible with the AutoRun function, the setup guide is not automatically started even when the CD is inserted. Use either "Explorer" or "My Computer" to execute the following files, or use [Start -+ Run] in the Task Bar and enter the following command.

<Drive where CD is placed> \index.html

For example, when placing the CD in the "d" drive,

4 d:\index.html

AC adapter:


Wall mounting bracket:


-( Versionupdate information

0 Please contact to the AIPHONE sales office to obtain theup-to-dateversion for firmware, software and the instruction manuals.

0 The software version number can be confirmed using the Help menu.

0 The current firmware version can be confirmed on the system management screen displayed when the browser establishes the connection to the station.

0 The instruction manual version number can be confirmed by checking the preparation date (year and month) shown at the lower right corner of the last


Example: Prepared in July 2006: 200607