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Manual abstract:

In addition, pull the mains plug out of the socket or in the case of a permanent connection switch off the cut-outin the fuse box or remove the screw fuse completely. · If operation is stopped, disconnect the appliance from the mains supply and shut off the water tap. · Never unplug the appliance by pulling on the cable. Always pull the plug. ·Multi-wayplugs, connectors and extension cables must not be used. This could constitute a fire hazard through overheating. · Never wash the washing machine down with a water jet. Danger of electric shock! · In washing programmes with high temperatures the glass in the door gets hot. Do not touch it. · Before emergency emptying of the appliance, before cleaning the drain pump or opening the door in an emergency, let the water cool down.

·Small animals can nibble at the cables and water hoses. Danger of electric shock and danger of water damage! Keep small animals away from the washing machine. 6 Description of the appliance Detergent dispenser drawer Rating plate (behind door) Control panel Screw feet (height adjustable) Plinth flap/ Drain pump Control Panel SPIN/RINSE HOLD button Programme option buttons Programme Progress display DELAY TIMER button DOOR indicator

Programme knob START/PAUSE button 7 Programme overview Programme options Q (QUICK WASH) v (PRE WASH) Spin speed max. load 1) (dry washing) Programme ECO (ENERGY SAVING) 2) c (COTTONS/LINEN) 95, 60, 40, 30 m (EASY-CARE)60, 40 l (EASY IRON) 40 6kg 6kg 3kg · · · · 3) · · · · ·

· · · · 1kg · · · · d (DELICATE) 40, 30 s (WOOL)/s (SILK) H (Handwashing) 30, X (COLD) j (GENTLE RINSE) 3kg · · · · 2kg · · 3kg · · · p (DRAIN) C (SPIN) 6kg · · · 1) A 10 litre bucket contains approximately 2.5 kg of dry washing (cotton) 2) Programme settings for tests in accordance with or in the style of EN 60 456 and IEC 60 456 are described in the section "Consumption values".

3) Recommended load for short progammes is 3kg; full loading is possible however with somewhat reduced cleaning results. 8 n (RINSE HOLD) · · · · · · ·

1200 1000 600 Application/Features Care symbols1) Energy saving programme which washes at 60 °C for lightly to normally soiled whites/coloureds made of cotton/linen. Programme for normally to heavily soiled whites/coloureds made of cotton/ linen. Programme for easy-caremixed fibres and synthetics. Wash programme which washes at 40 °C foreasy-carefabrics which after being washed using this programme need to be ironed only lightly or not at all.

Gentle programme for fine fabrics such as layered fibres, micro-fibres,synthetics, curtains (load max. 20 to 25 m2 curtains). If n (RINSE HOLD) is used, also suitable for items with a climatic membrane, e.g. outdoor clothing. Particularly gentle programme for machine washable and hand washable wool/silk.

Separate gentle rinse (3 rinse cycles, liquid conditioner is washed in from compartment &, spin). Not suitable for wool. Reduce the spin speed when rinsing easy-careand delicate items. Pumps water away after a rinse hold.

Draining and spinning e.g. following rinse hold, or separate spinning of handwashed cottons/linen. Reduce the spin speed when rinsing easy-care,delicate and wool items. 1) The figures in the care symbols indicate the maximum temperatures. MO JMO IKN KN IK QLH JMO JMO 9 Before the first wash 1. Open the detergent drawer. 2. Pour approx. 1 litre of water through the detergent drawer into the washing machine.

This closes the water container when the next programme is started and the economy valve can function properly. 3. In order to remove any residues from the drum and water container which may have been left during manufacturing, perform the first wash cycle without any washing in the machine. Programme: c (COTTONS/LINEN) 60, press Q (QUICK WASH), add approx. 1/4 measuring cup of washing powder.

Preparing and sorting washing Preparing washing · Empty pockets. Remove foreign bodies (e. g. coins, paper clips, nails, etc.). · Do up zips, button up covers to prevent damage to washing..

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