AEG 4006G-M User Manual

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User’s Manual

4006G-M24” Free Standing Dual Fuel Range -

User’s Manual

Congratulations on the purchase of your AEG appliance.

We are sure it will provide many years of great cooking experience.

You may find that it has different features and characteristics to your last appliance.

It is essential you read this operation manual thoroughly to fully understand all of the various functions and operations. Experiment with your cooking and take advantage of the features your new appliance offers.

This manual should be retained for future reference. Should ownership of the appliance be transferred, please ensure that the manual is also passed onto the new owner.


A -

Installation check and warnings

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B -

Cooker Measurement

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C -

Electrical Requirements

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Using the applianc e for the first time

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Electronic timer

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Gas cooktop control panel

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Gas cooktop function

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Ceramic Cooktop control panel

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Ceramic Cooktop Functions

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Oven Functions & Control Panel

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Cleaning and maintenance

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Trouble shooting guide - Electrical wiring

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A - Installation instructions check and warnings


Please ensure that the cut out measurement, venting and wiring is as specified in the relevant section B of this manual.

A licensed electrician with relevant qualifications must perform electrical work when installing or servicing the appliance. The supply cable and fuse rating must be suitable for the appliance. You must never repair or replace any part of the appliance unless specifically recommended in the operation manual.


Ventilation opening must not be covered or obstructed in any way.


The room containing this cooker should have an air supply in accordance with local regulations.

-All rooms require an open window, or equivalent and some rooms will require a permanent vent as well.

-For room areas up to 5 m2 an air vent of 100 cm2 is required.

-For room areas between 5 m2 and 100 cm2 an air vent of 50 cm2 is required.

-If the room is greater than 5 m2 and has a door that opens directly to the outside, then no air vent is required.

-If there are other fuel burning appliances in the same room local regulations should be consulted to determine the air vent requirements.


Cooking appliances must always discharge the flue gases into special hoods (fig.1-C),which must be connected to chimneys, flue pipes or have direct access to the outside. If it is not possible to connect a hood, an electric fan can be fitted to a window or a wall(fig.1-E),which must be turned on when the cooker is on, as long as ventilation standards are strictly adhered to.




-for ceramic cooktop model min. 24” above range

-for gas cooktop model min. 30” above range

When ranges are installed in close proximity to vinyl finish cabinets,

those materials should be able to withstand temperature up to 75°C centigrade. Alternatively, heat insulating barriers should be installed to avoid any deterioration to the finish.

The equipment must not be installed near inflammable materials, such as curtains, cloths etc.

Pay particular attention to the position of the electric cable and gas pipe: they must not touch any hot parts of the oven

The manufacturer will not accept responsibility for damages to cabinetry where manufacturer installation guidelines were not adhered to.


Burners: auxiliary, semi-rapid,rapid, triple crown, griddle burner.

These burners are all fitted with injectors designed to create a primary input of air gauged for each type of gas. This means that the air regulator does not have to be regulated. Proceed as follows in order to convert from one type of gas to another: remove the grids, covers, holed flame diffuser and the burner supports (fig. 7); replace the holed injectors as indicated in 7/C according to the type of gas used (see table 1); put the burner supports, flame diffusers, covers and grids back in position; regulate the minimum output following the instructions in paragraph 1.7.


Normal/valve taps:

Ignite the burners and turn the knob to the maximum position. Remove the knob and insert a small flat-headscrewdriver into the rod or through the holes on the side of the control panel, in accordance with the type (fig. 8 A/B). Loosen theby-passscrew by two turns in ananti-clockwisedirection and rotate the rod to the minimum position. Adjust the previously loosened screws until the flame is lowered but stable, even when rapid changes are made from the maximum to the minimum position with the burner cold. If safety taps are fitted, let the burner run on minimum for a few minutes to ensure that the device does not cut in. If it does, increase the minimum.

N.B. For liquid gas settings, the burner minimum must be set by fully tightening the tap by-passes




-If the burner flames accidentally go out, turn off the KNOB and wait for at least one minute before igniting.

-Using a gas cooker produces heat and humidity in the room where it is installed. Ensure the room is well ventilated by keeping all the natural air vents open or by installing an extraction hood with flue pipe.

-Intensive or extensive use of the cooker may require supplementary ventilation e.g. opening a window, or more efficient ventilation e.g. increasing the capacity of the mechanic ventilation, if installed.

N.B. When the burners are alight, there must not be any draughts inside the room in that they may affect the flame or even blow it out.

The operations indicated below must be followed by qualified personnel, in conformity with the regulations in force.

The supplier refuses all responsibility for damages to person or property, resulting from the failure to comply with such provisions.

The appliance is designed to be used near heat resistant pieces of furniture or kitchen cabinetry only.


Before carrying out electrical connection, be sure that the characteristics of the electrical system meet the specifications located at the bottom of the cooktop and the electrical system is provided with effective ground in compliance with the regulations and provision of the law in your country. The ground is required in all circumstances.

If you wish a direct connection to the line, it is necessary to use a single pole switch, with a minimum opening between the contacts of 3 mm. suitable for the purpose and in conformity with the rules in your country (the yellow/green ground cable should not be interrupted by the switch).



Disregard of this precaution could cause the incorrect operation of the touch control system of the cooktop and effect the product warranty provisions.


All aspects of the installation must conform with the requirement of the Standards North America (within North America) wiring rules, as well as your local electrical and building codes and regulations, and any other applicable requirements and conditions of your local power supply authority. Your appliance must be properly installed and grounded by a qualified and licensed technician.

240 Volt 60Hz 30AMP single/40AMP double service

Incorrect installation of the appliance, resulting from the kitchen maker not following the detailed installation specifications, can affect the appliance performance


The cooker should be connected according to local regulations, using either a rigid or flexible connections.

a)For building in: Use a continuous flexible stainless steel pipe, as per current installation standards, which can be extended to a maximum of 2000 mm.; the ends of the pipe must be fitted with an ISO 228/1coupling and gasket or an ISO 7/1 threaded coupling with mechanical gasket.

b)For free standing: A non-metallicflexible pipe can be used as long as it complies with current standards and the

following installation instructions are observed: the pipe must be longer than 400 mm and shorter than 1500 mm; it must not exceed 50°C in any point; it is not pulled or twisted; it cannot be choked and the entire edges, sharp corners or other similar hazards.

Before connecting the non-metallicflexible pipe, the brass adapter and gasket supplied with the cooker and/or available form the reseller must be fitted to the pipe/gas train on

the back of the cooker. The regulator provided should be positioned between the brass adapter and the non metallic flexible pipe.

c) A certified gas plumber must complete the installation and meet with local regulation requirements for gas connections. Where the unit has an armour cable a certified electrician must complete the electrical connection. The white, or neutral wi re will not be used and must be capped using a marrette.



In order to prevent tipping of the appliance, must be installed a stabilized means. Please see the picture. The chain on the back of the range

need to be fixed to the wall

(PLEASE NOTE: The fixing hook is not provided as the type will depend on the construction of the wall to which it will be drilled and fitted. The installer should provide the fixing hook per customer request).

B - Cooker Measurements ( 600x640x920 )


Please note that all dimensions provided are in millimeters (mm.) The sizes allow for only a small degree of error so all cut-outsmust be precise and square

If the range is placed on a base, measures must be taken to prevent the appliance slipping off the base








C – Electrical requirements


All aspects of the installation must conform with the requirements of the Standard North America (within North America) wiring rules, as well as your local electrical and building codes and regulations, and any other applicable requirements and conditions of your local power supply authority.

A licensed electrician must perform the electrical work when installing this appliance. The supply cable and fuse rating must be suitable for the appliance


To avoid power borne interference, this appliance must be installed individually on a separate and distinct final sub-circuit.

Voltage supply connection

If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid hazard

When connected to a sub circuit, protected by a circuit breaker, it is recommended the circuit breaker be the same as the total rating of the appliance.

To full disconnect the power supply, it is necessary to have a proper mean in the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules. It must have full disconnection under overvoltage category III conditions.

The range is supplied with a power cord and plug, which can be withdrawn from the wall socket

Electrical Loads


2350 W


2350 W


2800 W


2800 W

Oven fan and light

90 W

Oven fan and

90 W





Cearmic cooktop

6400 W

Gas cooktop



8.70 KW





AT 208V



11.45 KW





AT 240V



D – Using the Appliance for the first time

After installation remove all notification labels (not identification or warning labels) and packaging materials. After cleaning make sure cleaned surfaces are thoroughly rinsed and wiped dry using a clean, soft cloth.

Power on

NOTE: oven will not operate unless the clock is set on manual position

Burning in

Before cooking in the appliance an initial pre-heatingis required to burn off the fine oil film used to protect the elements for shipping.

Select a cooking mode and set the oven temperature to 180°C. With the oven door closed, leave for approximately 5 minutes.

Repeat the above step for each cooking mode.

After completing the above make sure all controls are turned off. The oven is now ready for cooking and grilling

DO NOT use aluminum foil on the base of ovens

The use of foil on the base of the oven to avoid spillage and improve cleaning is not recommended. The bottom element is concealed under the base of the oven liner (not exposed). Foil or dishes with reflective qualities must never be placed on the base of the oven during cooking as the concentration of direct and reflected heat will damage the enamel surface.


Damage resulting from such use i s not covered under the provisions of the warranty.

Initial heat up

Some smoke and smell may be noticed during the initial heat up cycle. This should quickly dissipate, and is normal

If abnormal levels of smoke during use are observed (i.e.: it is not food that is burning), have the appliance thoroughly checked.

Don’t use the appliance as a space heater

The appliance must never be used for warming or heating the surrounding room. Combustible materials must never be placed on or near the appliance.

Do not leave children alone

Children must not be left unsupervised in the area where the appliance is in use. Children must never be allowed to sit or stand on any part of the appliance.

Wear proper apparel when using the appliance

Loose fitting, hanging or highly flammable garments (such as synthetics) should never be worn while using the appliance.

Use only dry pot holders


Moist or damp pot holders on hot surfaces may result in burns from steam. Do not allow pot holder to touch hot heating elements. Do not use a towel or bulky cloth when handling hot cooking utensils in the appliance.

Oven compartments must never be used for storage

Items, particularly flammable materials, must never be stored in an oven or near surface units.

Do not use water on grease fires

Fires or flame should be smothered using flameproof material or extinguished using a dry chemical or other suitable fire retardant.

All installation, adjustments, and maintenance operations must be carried out by qualified personnel, in accordance with the enclosed instructions and current installation standards. The manufacturer accepts no liability for faulty installation, setting, handling and use of the cooker.

When the cooker is not in use , ensure that all the knobs are in the off position; furthermore, if it is unused for a period of time, shut off the appliance’s main electricity supply.

E - Accessories

Your appliance should come equipped with the following items.

1 x Deep Enameled Roasting Pan with dual height reversible Grill Rack insert – ready for sliding into side rack positions

2 x Wire Oven Shelves that can be fitted into Retractable Slide Runners or for sliding into side rack positions

Note: Additional oven shelves and pans are available as optional extras.

2 x side catalytic panels

The oven shelf support consist of 5 positions. Always remember to position the racks before warming up the oven, and remove all the shelves and roasting pan before cleaning operations.