Addonics Technologies DIGICOPIER III DGC3 User Manual

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Model: DGC3

Quick Guide

I.DigiCopier III Overview

LCD Panel

Source tray

Destination tray 1

Destination tray 2

Destination tray 3


Power Switch

Step 4 After theDVD-ROMand DVD writers detect DVDs, press ENT button to start copying.

LCD will show the copying information as follows.

There are four buttons and an LCD on the panel of DigiCopier III. 1 – LCD shows a function or a message.

2 – it is used to scroll up function menus.

3 – it is used to scroll down function menus. 4 – it is used to execute a function.

5 – it is used to cancel a function.

II.Connecting the power cable and turning on the DigiCopier III

a.Connect the power cord provided from the wall outlet to the back of the DigiCopier III.

b.A main power switch is located at the back of the tower. Turn the switch on. Another auxiliary power switch is located on the front of the tower.

III. Steps for the Copying Process

Note: may not able to copy-protectedDVD or CD.

Step 1 Turn on the DigiCopier III by pressing the auxiliary power switch.

Step 2 Insert media you wish to duplicate into the source tray on the top.

Step 3 Populate the destination trays with blank CDs or DVD media. A rewritable DVD containing old data can also be use, but the old data will be automatically erased.

When copying is in progress, MB and time will decrease while the percentage of completion will increase. “MB” means the size of data that you want to copy.

When copying comes to an end, LCD will show the results as follows. The DVDs that were successfully copied will eject automatically.

The complete user manual of the DVD Duplicator can found in the Driver Disk under User Guides or can be downloaded from


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