Addonics Technologies ADU2N1G User Manual

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Model: ADU2N1G

For more detailed information on setting up the NAU (Network Attached USB) adapter, refer to the User Manual located on the CD that came with the device.

power adapter input

Factory default






RJ45 socket





















(10/100/1000 Mbps






reset button



USB2.0 port












I.Hardware Installation

1.Plug in the Ethernet wire into the RJ-45socket of the NAU adapter and the other end of the wire to a router or a switch.

2.Connect the DC-Jackwith the bundled power adapter. Green LED will light up. If an active Ethernet line is detected, the yellow LED will also light up.

3.Attach your USB2.0 device to the NAU adapter.


power adapter input


NAU adapter

or CAT6 cable


Any USB device

II.Software Installation for every PC client

Note: The Addonics NAU Adapter utility need to be installed on every PC client in order to access the USB2.0 device attached to the NAU adapter.

1.Insert the driver CD of the NAU adapter on your PC.

2.Run the application file “Addonics NAU Adapter utility” and follow the installation wizard.

3.Check and confirm the following new shortcut icons are generated on the PC desktop

Use this icon to access the USB2.0 devices (except printers) attached to the NAU adapter. Only one client at a time can connect to the USB device.

Use this icon when the NAU adapter is configured as a printer server. Multiple clients can print on the NAU network printer. This allows the printer attached to the NAU adapter to be shared simultaneously by multiple users on the network

Functions of the NAU adapter

A.Using NAU adapter as USB server

Attaching any USB device to the network via NAU adapter.

Double click the “Launch NAU Adapter” on the PC desktop screen.

This will open the NAU adapter window. Allow about 30 seconds for the USB device to show up on the window.

By default, the NAU adapter is set as a DHCP client.

As shown on the above screenshot, shows the USB device is attached to the NAU adapter. In this case, it is a USB speaker. You would observe that it is free below the status column.

To connect to the USB speaker, click on the USB media to select it then click on the Connect Device button to access the device.

This will change the status to „Locally Connected‟. You will also observed the Connect button is also change to „Disconnect Device‟.

The USB device should now appear in Device Manager.

Disconnect the USB device

To disconnect the USB device from the PC client, click on the

„Disconnect Device‟ button.

B.Using NAU adapter as Print server

Note: A USB printer is connected to the NAU adapter.

Allow multiple PC clients with the NAU Adapter utility installed to access a USB printer plug into the NAU Adapter which is connected to a LAN network as a network printer.

Double click the “Lauch Network Printer” on the PC desktop screen.

This will open the Network Printer wizard window. Allow about 30 seconds for the USB device to show up on the window. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete installation.

When everything completes successfully, a new printer drive icon will appear under the Printer / Fax folder.

To configure multiple PC clients to use the USB printer attached to the NAU adapter as a network printer, install the Addonics NAU Adapter utility on all the PC clients and repeat the printer server installation procedure above.





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