Addonics Technologies ADS3GX4R5-EM User Manual

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Addonics ADS3GX4R5-EMMacintosh Instructions

The ADS3GX4R5-Ehas been tested on a PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0 GHz model withPCI-Xslots and as low as a PowerMac G4 400 model with PCI slots. Mac OS X 10.4.x or later is required for the driver to work properly.

Hardware Install:

1.Turn the PowerMac G4 or G5 off and disconnect all cables.

2.Make sure that you are grounded to avoid static electricity.

3.Open the PowerMac G4 or G5.

4.Install the four port ADS3GX4R5-EMin an open PCI orPCI-Xslot.

5.Secure the bracket with a screw.

6.Close the PowerMac G4 or G5 and reconnect the cables.

7.Turn on the computer.

Software Driver Install:

1.Copy the SiI3124_2.0.1_Sil_Pkg from the CD to your hard drive.

2.Decompress the zip file by double clicking on it.

3.Launch the SiI3124_2.0.1_Sil_Pkg.

4.Press continue and accept the license.

5.Select your startup drive as the install destination volume.

6.Push continue and the install button.

7.Type in your password to complete the installation.


The SiI3124_2.0.1_Sil_Pkg Macintosh driver supplied with the Addonics ADS3GX4R5-EMSATA host adapter is designed to provide direct connect and SATA port multiplier compatibility on all four ports with an Apple PowerMac G4 or G5 running Mac OS X 10.4.x.

There are a variety of SATA enclosures that will work with the ADS3GX4R5-EMhost adapter using the SiI3124_2.0.1_Sil_Pkg Macintosh driver. Addonics provides a Storage Tower that can be setup with a 5X1 Port Multiplier (model ST5X1PM) or used with individual had drives. It can be found here:

Many other vendors also sell SATA enclosures that are compatible with the Addonics ADS3GX4R5-EM.Some examples include the FirmTek SeriTek/2EN2 Dual Bay enclosure, the FirmTek SeriTek/2eEN4 eSATA 4 Bay Enclosure, the Sonnet Fusion 400 and the Fusion 500P.



When you first purchase and install a new hard that is attached to the ADS3GX4R5-EMhost adapter, you will need to format the hard drive using the erase tab in Disk Utility. Disk Utility can be found in the Mac OS X “Utility” folder. Once you have erased the new hard drive it will mount on the desktop and be ready for use. You can also create RAIDs using Disk Utility with the hard drives mounted in your SATA enclosure.

The SiI3124_2.0.1_Sil_Pkg driver supports hot swap, deep sleep and provides up to four external ports on the ADS3GX4R5-EMhost adapter, that can be connected to as many as four individual SATA hard drives or SATA PM enclosures. When using this card with four SATA PM enclosures Power Macintosh users can support up to 20 hard drives using a singleADS3GX4R5-EMSATA host adapter.

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