Addonics Technologies AD4IN1EXC34 User Manual

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AD4IN1EXC34 (4 In 1 Express Card 34 Digiadapter)



Software Driver Install:





This card should be plug and play compatible on all supported



systems, and does not require any other drivers.

Express card 34 slot

Complete Plug and Play

Rugged and reliable stainless steel cover

Ideal for small form factor and sealed systems

Reads and writes to four different popular digital media - Memory Stick Duo ™, Memory Stick™, Multimedia Card™, Secure Digital Card™

Power from express card slot - no adapter necessary

System Requirements

Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP

Mac OS 8.6, 9.x, 10.1.2 or higher

Available Express Card Slot


The following diagram shows how to install the card into your system.

1.First insert the card into an available Express Card slot on your system.

2.When inserted, insert flash media into existing express card slot.


The Addonics 4-in-1DigiAdapter ExpressCard 34 is a great option for Notebook users which have the new ExpressCard 34 slot to read small size ultra flash cards, including Memory Stick™, Memory Stick Duo ™, Secure Digital Card™ or Multimedia Card™. This ExpressCard DigiAdapter is lightweight, durable, and almost half the size of a PCMCIA card form factor, fitting easily into a pocket or even a wallet. The ExpressCard DigiAdapter flushes completely into the ExpressCard slot, making it the ideal solution for convenient transportation even when inserted into Notebook.

Trouble Shooting:

Q.Where do I access the flash media?

A.Under Windowsyou should be able to see the new drive in my computer under removable storage. On Macintoshyou should see a new drive come up named UNTITLED DISK.

Q.Why can’t I see the flash media on my system?

A.Verify the flash media is inserted properly into the Express Card adapter and make sure the media is either; Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Multi Media Card, or Secure Digital. Make sure the adapter is pushed in the slot completely and is flush with your system.

Q.Why can’t I get the card out?

A.Since the adapter rests flush with the system you will need to press button on the side of your express card slot.

Q.Why doesn’t this card fit in my system?

A.Make sure the label on the card is face up, also make sure the slot is an express card slot and not a PCMCIA. This card will only fit in an express card slot. If you need a PCMCIA type digiadapter, you may check out our site at, for a PCMCIA/Cardbus solution. If it is an express card 54 slot, make sure you put the card in the top section of the slot.

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