ADC Below Ground HDSLx 8-Slot Repeater Housing Radiator II User Manual

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Radiator® II

Below Ground HDSLx 8-SlotRepeater Housing

Spec Sheet

ADC’s latest addition to its family of outside plant products, the Radiator® II Below Ground HDSLx Repeater Housing, is a highly costeffective outside plant enclosure for local loop electronics. With its advanced thermal management capabilities, the Radiator II extends the life of enclosed cards or repeaters

and reduces costly truck rolls and maintenance. Radial placement of card slots permits efficient and predictable thermal transfer for uniform cooling. In addition, its unique design allows the heat to radiate externally, increasing the reliability of the enclosed electronics.

Designed for manhole applications, the Radiator II below ground housing can be mounted horizontally which requires 50 percent less space, doubling the number of housings and quadrupling circuit density. When mounted vertically, the integrated tilt bracket greatly reduces the amount of clearance required. When deployed, the enclosure provides mounting for up to 8 single wide or 2 double wide 239-styleHDSL, HDSL4, T1, ISDN, or DDS repeaters. Up to 6 double wide239-stylerepeaters may be accommodated with an optional upgrade kit (catalog number(RAD-DWKIT).


Radial placement of card slot improves thermodynamic performance for maximum reliability and repeater plug life

Flexible, high-densitydesign supports

8 single or 2 (6 with RAD-DWKIT)double wide HDSL, HDSL4, G.SHDSL, T1, ISDN and DDS repeaters

Easier installation with smaller footprint and up to 30 percent less weight than other 8-slotrepeater housings and many4-slothousings

Up to 44 percent less weight than Radiator II 16-slotrepeater when the extra capacity is not required

Improved corrosion protection with domed lid and added test access card retainer

Primary protection is integrated into card slot connector easing replacement and reducing line stub length for better performance and protection

Improved cable strain relief reduces potential cable damage during installation

Cable stub uses traditional color code for easier and quicker installation

Repeaters and lightning protection are easily accessible from the lid

Build-intest card retainer for included test access card

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Spec Sheet

The Radiator II Below Ground HDSLx 8-SlotRepeater Housing is designed to withstand hostile conditions, improve thermodynamic performance and reliability of the outside plant electronics in 50 percent less manhole space than traditional enclosures. It includes a30-foot,100-pairair core screened, dual armor cable stub.








































































Housing Construction, Lid:

Non-corrosive18-gaugeseamless, 316 stainless steel, painted white


Supports 8 single or a maximum of 6 double wide HDSL, HDSL4,


G.SHDSL, T1, ISDN and DDS repeaters

Ambient Temperature Range:

–40˚Fto +149˚F(–40˚Cto +65˚C)

Relative Humidity:

100% when pressurized


12 psi maximum – pressure relief valve


V-bandmay be secured with a padlock


Diameter 12.5”, housing and mounting bracket together 14.25” high

Weight (without modules/cable stub):

Approximately 28 lbs.


Backboard or underground rack mount

Lightning Protection:

Three-elementgas tube

Safety Standards Compliance:

Equipment tested and verified to comply with the following standards:


Network Equipment-BuildingSystem (NEBS) Requirements

GR 487-CORE:

Generic Requirements for Electronic Equipment Cabinets

GR 950-CORE:

Generic Requirements for Optical Network Unit (ONU) Closures


Repeater Housings for T1, T1C, T1D, and T1G Carrier Systems

FCC Part 15:

Electrical Safety

Binational Standard:

UL-60950/CSAC22.2 No.950-95:Safety of Information


Technology Equipment

O r d e r i n g I n f o r m a t i o n


Catalog Number



Radiator II 8-SlotBelow Ground HDSLx Repeater Housing


30’ air core stub, pressurized





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