Acer 522 User Manual
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HDD/BIOS Password Utilities


If Power-onPassword authentication is enabled, the BIOS password can only be cleared by initiating the Crisis Disk Recovery procedure. SeeChapter 5, BIOS Recovery by Crisis Disk.

Removing HDD Passwords

This section provides details about removing an HDD password from the BIOS. If the HDD password is incorrectly entered three times, an error is generated. (Figure 2-20)

Figure 2-20.Password Error Status

To reset the HDD password, perform the following:

1. Press Enter to continue. TheSelect Item dialog is shown.(Figure 2-21)

Figure 2-21.Select Item

2.Use the and keys to highlight Enter Unlock Password and pressEnter. TheEnter Unlock Password dialog is shown.(Figure 2-22)

Figure 2-22.Enter Unlock Password

System Utilities



A key code is generated for use with unlocking utility. Make note of this code.

3.On a separate, compatible device, boot to DOS.

4.Execute UnlockHD.exe (Figure 2-23) to create a password unlock code. Use the format <UnlockHD [key code]> with the code noted in theFigure 2-22.

Example: UnlockHD 54591747

The command generates a password which can be used for unlocking the HDD.

Password: 41499389

Figure 2-23.Unlock Password

5.On original device, enter password (Figure 2-23) inEnter Unlock Password dialog (Figure 2-22).


System Utilities

Clearing BIOS Passwords

If a BIOS password (Supervisor Password and/or User Password) is set, the BIOS will prompt for the password at system POST or upon entering the BIOS setup menu. Clear the password check with the following procedure:

1. Remove HDD, AC adapter and Battery.

2. Remove power from system.

3. Disconnect RTC Battery.

4. Locate the RTC_RST point (A). (Figure 2-24)


Figure 2-24.CMOS Jumper Overview

System Utilities


5. Use an electric conductivity tool to bridge the two points of the jumpers (A). (Figure 2-25)


Figure 2-25.CMOS Jumper

Table 5-5.CMOS Jumper




Clear CMOS Jumper



6. Plug in AC adapter.

7. Press Power button until BIOS POST is finished 8. Remove conductivity tool from RCT_RST point.

9. Restart the system and press F2 to enterBIOS Utility Setup menu. 10. If no password prompt is shown, BIOS password is cleared.

11. If password prompt is shown, repeat steps 1 through 9.


System Utilities