Acer 5000 User Manual
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Navigation controls

To return to the Arcade home page, click the Home button in the upper left corner of the window. To go up one folder level while searching for content, click Up one level. To return to a previous screen, click Return. The buttons in the upper right (minimize, maximize, and close) have standard PC behaviours.

To quit Arcade, click the Close button in the upper right corner of the window. You can also click To PC.

Player controls

At the bottom of the window, the player controls — used for video, slideshows, movies and music — are shown. The group on the left provides standard playback controls (play, pause, stop, etc). The group on the right controls volume (mute and volume up/down).

Note: When playing DVDs, there are additional controls added to the right of the volume controls. These are discussed in more detail in the Cinema section of this guide.


If your computer came with a DVD drive, you can play movies from DVDs and Video CDs (VCDs) with the Cinema function of Acer Arcade. This player has the features and controls of a typical DVD player.

When you insert a disk into the DVD drive, the movie begins playing automatically. To control the movie, the pop-upplayer control panel appears at the bottom of the window when you move the mouse.

If more than one optical drive contains a playable disk, click the Cinema button on the Home page to open the Cinema content page, then select the disk you'd like to watch from the list on the right.

When viewing DVDs, the following special controls are added to the pop-uppanel:

DVD Menu




The disk currently playing will be shown in the area above the list of drives. This page is also displayed when you press the Stop button during a movie. The buttons on the left side allow you to resume the movie from the point it was stopped, restart the movie from the beginning, jump to the DVD menu, eject the disk, or go to the "DVD Settings" page.




DVD settings

There are two types of DVD settings: "Video" and "Language." Click the appropriate button to open its settings page.


The Video settings control the video output of DVDs/VCDs.

Use hardware acceleration takes advantage of the special processing power in some graphics cards to reduce CPU loading when playing back DVDs and some video files. If you have problems with video quality, try turning this option Off.

Select an output type:

4:3 Standard or 16:9 Widescreen according to your display preferences

The Letterbox option displays widescreen movie content in its original aspect ratio and adds black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

The Pan & Scan feature is for DVD titles with a widescreen aspect ratio.

Acer CinemaVision is a nonlinear video stretching technology that produces minimal distortion in the center of the picture.

Stretch stretches the video display to the size of the display screen.

The "Color profile" option allows you to select from a list of color configurations to change the overall color of the video content during playback. "Original" uses the color scheme of the disk you are watching, while "Vivid," "Bright," and "Theatre" add enhanced color to the video display.

Acer ClearVision is a video enhancement technology that detects video content and dynamically adjusts the brightness/contrast/saturation levels so that you do not need to change the color settings if the movie you are watching contains scenes that are overly dark or too bright.

Click Restore to factory settings to return the settings to their default values.


The "Language settings" control the audio and subtitle output of DVDs/VCDs.

"Subtitle" selects the default subtitle language for DVDs when available. The factory setting is "Off."

"Closed caption" turns on the closed captions on DVDs. This function displays captions encoded in the video signal that describe on screen action and dialog for the hearing impaired. The factory setting is "Off."

"Audio" selects the default language for DVD titles.



Acer Arcade lets you view digital photos individually or as a slideshow, from any available drive on your computer. Click the Album button on the Arcade Home page to show the Album main page.

The content area on the right shows both individual pictures and folders. Click on a folder to open it.




To view a slideshow, open the folder containing the pictures you wish to view - then click Play slideshow. The slideshow is played full-screen.Use thepop-upcontrol panel to control the slideshow.

To rotate a picture in full-screen,click Rotate right or Rotate left.

You can also view a single picture by clicking on it. This opens the picture full-screen.

Slideshow settings

To change slideshow settings click the Settings button on the Album page.

The "Slide duration" setting determines how long each slide is shown before automatically advancing to the next picture in the slideshow.

The "Transition effects" setting sets the style of transition used between pictures.

To add background music to a slideshow, set the "Play music during slideshow" option to "Yes." The select music page asks you to choose music from your personal music library.

Click Restore to factory settings to return your settings to their default values.