Acer 5000 User Manual
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Arcade (for selected models)

Acer Arcade is an integrated player for music, photos, DVD movies, and videos. To watch or listen, click a content button (e.g. Music, Video, etc) on the Arcade home page.

Cinema — watch DVDs or VCDs

Album — view photos stored on your hard drive or removable media

Video — watch and/or edit video clips

Music — listen to music files in a variety of formats

Burner — create CDs and/or DVDs to share or archive data

TV — watch digital or analog TV programs (optional)

Advanced Settings — adjust Acer Arcade according to your preferences

Note: While watching videos, DVDs, or slideshows your screensaver and power-savingfeatures are unavailable. These functions are enabled when you listen to music.




Arcade hot keys

When running in the Windows environment, the key combinations listed below are available to control and fine-tunethe features and settings of Acer Arcade.

Hot key




<Fn> + <F1>

On-linehelp menu



<Fn> + <F5>

Display toggle



<Fn> + <F6>

Screen blank



<Fn> + <F8>

Speaker toggle



<Fn> + <↑>

Volume up; increases the speaker volume.



<Fn> + <↓>

Volume down; decreases the speaker volume



<Fn> + <→>

Brightness up; increases the screen brightness



<Fn> + <←>

Brightness down; decreases the screen brightness



<Fn> +

Play; press to start playing the audio track or video file. Press


again to pause.



<Fn> +

Stop; press to stop playing the audio track or video file.

<Pg Up>




<Fn> +

Backward; press to skip backward to the previous track or

<Pg Dn>

video file and start playing.



<Fn> + <End>

Forward; press to skip forward to the next track or video file.




The Arcade remote control (for selected models)

The system also provides a remote control for a convenient way to control the features of Arcade mode.

The images below show which buttons on the remote contol function in the different Arcade modes.

Arcade Main Page

Cinema Mode


Album Mode

Video Mode

Music Mode

TV Mode



Finding and playing content

Clicking a button on the Arcade home page opens the corresponding feature's home page. The content pages have buttons on the left and a content browsing area on the right. If a button shows one of several choices, such as sort order, the current setting is shown by a brightly colored ball on the left side.

To pick content, click an item in the content area. When there is more than one CD or DVD drive, all drives will be shown. Pictures and videos are shown as files (with thumbnails) and organized into folders.

To browse a folder, click to open it. To go back up to the folder above it, click the Up one level button. If there is more content than will

fit on a page, use the buttons at the lower right to scroll through the pages.

Advanced Settings

There are settings in Acer Arcade that allow you to fine tune its performance to your machine and your personal preferences. The Settings page is reached by the Advanced Settings button on the Home page.

Use the "screen ratio" setting to choose between standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9) display.

"Audio output" should be set to "Stereo" if you are listening to speakers, or "Virtual surround sound" if you are using headphones.

Note: If your speakers are not capable of outputting low frequency signals, it is recommended that you do not select this option in order to avoid damaging your speakers.

Click About Acer Arcade to open a page with version and copyright information.

Click Restore to factory settings to return the Acer Arcade settings to their default values.

Arcade controls

When watching video clips, movies, or slideshows as full-screenvisual content, twopop-upcontrol panels are shown when you move the mouse. They automatically disappear after several seconds. The "Navigation controls" panel appears at the top and the "Player controls" panel appears at the bottom of the screen.