Acer 5000 User Manual
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Frequently asked questions

The following is a list of possible situations that may arise during the use of your computer. Easy answers and solutions are provided for each one.

I pressed the power button and opened the display, but the computer does not start or boot-up.

Look at the power indicator:

If it is not lit, no power is being supplied to the computer. Check the following:

If you are using on the battery, it may be low and unable to power the computer. Connect the AC adaptor to recharge the battery pack.

Make sure that the AC adaptor is properly plugged into the computer and to the power outlet.

If it is lit, check the following:

Is a non-bootable(non-system)disk in the external USB floppy drive? Remove or replace it with a system disk and press <Ctrl> + <Alt> + <Del> to restart the system.

Nothing appears on the screen.

The computer's power management system automatically blanks the screen to save power. Press any key to turn the display back on.

If pressing a key does not turn the display back on, three things might be the cause:

The brightness level might be too low. Press <Fn> + <→> (increase) to adjust the brightness level.

The display device might be set to an external monitor. Press the display toggle hot key <Fn> + <F5> to toggle the display back to the computer.

If the Sleep indicator is lit, the computer is in Sleep mode. Press and release the power button to resume.

Image is not full-screen.

Each computer display has a different native resolution depending on the screen. If you set the resolution lower than this native resoution, the screen expands to fill the computer display. Right-clickon your Windows desktop and select Properties to bring up the "Display Properties" dialog box. Then click on the Settings tab to make sure that the resolution is set to the appropriate resolution. Resolutions lower than the specified resolution are notfull-screenon the computer or on an external monitor.




No audio is heard from the computer.

Check the following:

The volume may be muted. In Windows, look at the volume control (speaker) icon on the taskbar. If it is crossed-out,click on the icon and deselect the Mute option.

The volume level may be too low. In Windows, look at the volume control icon on the taskbar. You can also use the volume control buttons to adjust the volume. See "Hot keys" on page 14 for more detail.

If headphones, earphones or external speakers are connected to the lineout port on the computer, the internal speakers automatically turn off.

I want to eject the optical drive tray without turning on the power. I cannot eject the optical drive tray.

There is a mechanical eject hole on the optical drive. Simply insert the tip of a pen or paperclip and push to eject the tray.

The keyboard does not respond.

Try attaching an external keyboard to a USB 2.0 port on the computer. If it works, contact your dealer or an authorized service center as the internal keyboard cable may be loose.

The infrared port does not work.

Check the following:

Make sure that the infrared ports of the two devices are facing each other (+/- 15 degrees) a maximum of 1 meter apart.

Make sure there is a clear path between the two infrared ports. Nothing should be blocking the ports.

Make sure you have the appropriate software running on both devices (for file transfers) or you have the appropriate drivers (for printing to an infrared printer).

During the POST, press <F2> to access the BIOS utility and verify that the infrared port is enabled.

Make sure both devices are IrDA-compliant.

The printer does not work.

Check the following:

Make sure that the printer is connected to a power outlet and that it is turned on.


Make sure that the printer cable is connected securely to the computer's parallel port or a USB port and the corresponding port on the printer.

I want to set up my location to use the internal modem.

To properly use your communication software (e.g. HyperTerminal), you need to set up your location:

1Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel.

2Double-clickon Modems.

3Click on Dialing Properties and begin setting up your location.

Refer to the Windows manual.

Note: Please note, on first booting your notebook, that you can skip the Internet Connection setup, as it is not necessary to complete the installation of your Operating System. After the Operating System is setup, you can proceed with the Internet Connection setup.

I want to restore my computer to its original settings without recovery CDs.

Note: If your system is the multilingual version, the operating system and language you choose when you first turn on the system will be the only option for future recovery operations.

This recovery process helps you restore the C: drive with the original software content that is installed when you purchase your notebook. Follow the steps below to rebuild your C: drive. (Your C: drive will be reformatted and all data will be erased.) It is important to back up all data files before you use this option.

Before performing a restore operation, please check the BIOS settings.

1Check to see if Acer disk-to-diskrecovery is enabled or not.

2Make sure the D2D Recovery setting in Main is Enabled.

3Exit the BIOS setup utility and save changes. The system will reboot.

Note: To activate the BIOS setup utility, press <F2> during POST.

1 Restart the system.







While the Acer logo is showing, press <Alt> + <F10> at the same time to



enter the recovery process.





Refer to the on-screeninstructions to perform system recovery.




Important: This feature occupies 2 to 3 GB in a hidden partition on your hard drive.