Acer 3400LMI User Manual
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F8­x86_64 on the Acer Ferrari 3400LMi

and look in /var/log/messages:

# tail /var/log/messages

...slmodemd: symbolic link `/dev/ttySL0' ­> `/dev/pts/6' created.

...slmodemd: modem `modem:1' created. TTY is `/dev/pts/6'

...slmodemd: Use `/dev/ttySL0' as modem device, Ctrl+C for termination.

Just as the system log says you may now find the modem at /dev/ttySL0. However, before starting to use the modem you should continue to read about a potential issue.

15.2 Potential issue

As mentioned in the beginning of this section there might be a potential problem. It was noticed in my previous attempts to get the modem working and it still exists. It all depends on your setup. If you get it to play there should be no problems, until your next update... Otherwise, you will likely notice something similar to the descriptions below.

15.2.1 Connecting

The problem might occur while establishing a connection. The best way to observe this is to start slmodemd manually with the debug flag set:


service slmodemd stop


Shutting down SmartLink Modem driver:

[ OK ]


slmodemd ­d=1 ­­alsa ­­country="SWEDEN" ­­nortpriority


Once the daemon is running in debug mode, dial the preferred number. The modem goes on­line, dials the number and the other end answers. Before the connection is established the daemon bails out during the negotiation with the other part.

It starts to flood the console with the following messages:


<212.190899> main: alsa xrun: try to recover...

<212.191065> main: alsa xrun: recovered. <212.191069> main: dev read = 0

<212.191185> main: alsa xrun: try to recover...

<212.191351> main: alsa xrun: recovered. <212.191355> main: dev read = 0


The slmodemd process is stopped with Ctrl­C orservice slmodemd stop from another console window.

15.2.2 Disconnecting

If you are lucky the modem might be connecting properly and you may use it to