Acer 3400LMI User Manual
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F8­x86_64 on the Acer Ferrari 3400LMi

Notice the two AT strings discussed above. The other commands are mainly cosmetic and may differ depending on your tool and its configurations.

13.3 Sending files

To send files to your OBEX (Object Exchange) capable phone you need the packages openobex andopenobex­apps.

# obex_push 3 00:0A:D9:E9:D8:4F test.jpg


| |_ Bluetooth address to send to


|_Channel for the OBEX Object Push service

A more convenient way to do this is to use the KDE extension KBluetooth described in its own section below.

13.4 Mouse & keyboard

Once you have got bluetooth working it is a breeze to use a bluetooth mouse and/or keyboard, a.k.a Human Input Device. First you need to scan for your device. Make sure that bluetooth is activated on both the laptop and the mouse/keyboard. Then press the setup button on the mouse/keyboard to make it announce itself and type:

# hidd ­­search Searching ...

Connecting to device 00:0A:94:C1:B6:5D

In the next section you will find a more user friendly and persistent way of connecting your bluetooth mouse/keayboard.

13.5 KBluetooth

If you are running KDE, there is a Bluetooth extension called KBluetooth available. There is a similar package available for Gnome users, but KBluetooth is discussed here. Before starting to explore it you should make sure that all the details work. For this reason it is recommended that you start out with only the basic bluez­utils package as described in the sections above. Once your bluetooth works as expected, go ahead and install KBluetooth.

13.5.1 Installation

Once the details are in place and you know how things work, you may start to play around with KBluetooth. First verify that it is installed by:

# rpm ­q kdebluetooth kdebluetooth­1.0­0.37.beta8.fc8


F8­x86_64 on the Acer Ferrari 3400LMi

or install it with:

# yum install kdebluetooth

After installing kdebluetooth you need to restart KDE, by logging out and back on again. Once KDE is restarted KBluetooth will show up as a bluetooth icon in the panel. It offers several useful features.

13.5.2 Mouse & keyboard

Connecting a bluetooth mouse or keyboard with KBluetooth is really simple. Activate the mouse and move it around and it will be detected automatically. The first time it is detected an authentication dialog is raised.

If you want to use the same device in the future without a new acknowledge press Always Accept, otherwise just press Accept. Could it be easier?

13.5.3 Scan for devices

KBlueMon is a basic tool to scan for bluetooth devices nearby. It reports both device address and name, signal strength as well as what services the device provides.


F8­x86_64 on the Acer Ferrari 3400LMi

13.5.4 Lock screen

KBlueLock may be used to lock the screen whenever a bluetooth device becomes unreachable. Once the device appears again the screen is unlocked. This is a very convenient security measure to prevent others from fiddling with yourPrecious when you leave it unattended.