Acer 3400LMI User Manual
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F8­x86_64 on the Acer Ferrari 3400LMi

12.2.2 The GUI way

Once you have verified that you have the wireless network chip operational, as described in the previous sections, it is time to have a look at a GUI that will help you with all these steps and some other valuable tasks. The NetworkManager is a service with a corresponding applet that will dock into your panel. It is included in most distributions nowadays and is started by:

#service NetworkManager start

#service NetworkManagerDispatcher start

Try it out and play with it, if you like it and want it to start at system startup type:

#chkconfig ­­add NetworkManager

#chkconfig ­­add NetworkManagerDispatcher

#chkconfig ­­level 5 NetworkManager on

#chkconfig ­­level 5 NetworkManagerDispatcher on

13 Bluetooth

No special actions were needed for me to get Bluetooth up and running. It was truly amazing how easy it was. However, in order to be complete the details are summarized below.

13.1 Verify installation

Make sure that you have the bluez­utils package installed:

# rpm ­q bluez­utils bluez­utils­2.25­4

Also make sure that it is configured to start at boot time:

# chkconfig ­­list bluetooth






0:off 1:off 2:on





If not, you need to add it to the runlevel system:

# chkconfig ­­add bluetooth

Now watch your system log while you push the bluetooth button on the front of your laptop to activate your bluetooth circuities:

# tail ­f /var/log/messages