Acer 3400LMI User Manual
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F8­x86_64 on the Acer Ferrari 3400LMi

performance. The tests has been run with the default size (1400x1200) and with 3000x2000, but no difference has been noticed. However, increasing the virtual screen to more than 3000x2000 will disable hardware acceleration and of course cripple performance completely.

These observations verifies that hardware 3D acceleration is really working and that the radeon driver is taking care of business the way we want it to.

10.4 TV-out

TV output is available through the S­video connector on the rear of the Ferrari. Furthermore, no special settings are needed in order to use it. It is immediate available and may be controlled by xrandr. However, the tips below might help to get you started.

10.4.1 Load detection

The external outputs have a property called load_detection, that controls whether RandR should try to auto­detect the output or not. Usually it is a good thing to be able to auto­detect the different output features. However, there are situations when you do not want auto­detection.

Remember that we have three outputs, but only two rendering pipelines (CRTCs). What would then happen if we try to auto­detect and configure all available outputs, xrandr ­­auto, with both VGA­0 and S­video connected? We actually do not know. The internal display may only use the first pipeline, CRTC 0, but that might be allocated by either VGA­0 or S­video. Furthermore, we will have a race condition between the two remaining outputs for the second pipeline,

CRTC 1. In order to avoid potential conflicts like that, auto­detection is disabled by default for S­video.

Thus, we first have to enable load_detection in order to use the TV­output. That is done by:

# xrandr ­­output ­­set load_detect 1

10.4.2 NTSC or PAL

The graphics chip defaults to NTSC, so those of us how want PAL need to explicitly specify this. To change the TV mode to PAL use:

# xrandr ­­output S­video ­­set tv_standard pal

10.4.3 Initialization

The script for dual head management presented in Appendix B assumes that all external outputs may be auto­detected. Thus, if you want the script to consider TV­out as a possible external output you need to enable auto­detection for TV­ out.

Consequently, we need to initialize some settings before TV­out is automatically