Acer 2000 Series User Manual
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Traveling internationally with your computer

Occasionally you might need to travel between countries with your computer.

Preparing the computer

Prepare the computer as you would for normal travel. Remember to take special precautions for air travel.

What to take with you

It is advisable to take the following items with you:

AC adapter.

Power cords that are appropriate for the countries you plan to visit.

Spare, fully charged battery packs.

Additional printer driver files (if you plan to use another printer).

Phone and network cables (if you plan to use the computer's modem and network connections). Check that your modem is suitable for the telephone system in the countries you plan to visit. You might have to use a PC Card modem in some locations.

Special considerations

In addition to the considerations for normal travel with your computer, keep the following in mind when traveling internationally:

Check that your power cord is suitable for the local power supply. If necessary, purchase a power cord that meets local requirements. Avoid using converter kits.

If you plan to connect over a phone line, check that the computer's modem and your phone cord are suitable for the local phone system. If necessary, purchase a PC Card modem that meets local requirements.



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