Acer 2000 Series User Manual
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Moving with your computer

Setting up a home office

If you frequently work on your computer at home, as well as at work, it may be worthwhile purchasing a second AC adapter. This will allow you to travel lighter, as you can keep an AC adapter in each location.

You might also find it worthwhile keeping a second set of peripherals at home, such as a keyboard, keypad, mouse and printer.

Traveling with the computer

Sometimes you might need to make longer trips with your computer.

Preparing the computer

Prepare the computer as you would for moving between your office and home. It is advisable to make sure that the battery is fully charged. If you are traveling by air, you might be required to turn on the computer during security checks.

What to take with you

It is advisable to take the following items with you:

AC adapter.

Spare, fully charged battery packs.

Additional printer driver files (if you plan to use another printer).

Phone and network cables (if you plan to use the computer's modem and network connections).

Special considerations

In addition to the considerations for taking your computer home, keep the following in mind:

Always take your computer as carry-onluggage.

If possible, have your computer manually inspected at security checks. Although the computer can pass safely through security X-raymachines, you should never expose it to a metal detector.