Acer 2000 Series User Manual
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Peripherals and options

Key component upgrades

Your computer is designed to deliver solid performance. However, in time, you might find that your applications demand even more computing power. For this reason, you are able to upgrade key components.

Note: Contact your authorized dealer if you decide to perform a key component upgrade.

Memory upgrade

Memory is expandable to 2GB, employing 256/512/1024 MB dual industry standard small outline Dual Inline Memory Modules (soDIMM). The computer supports Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM.

There are two memory slots on your computer. You can upgrade memory by installing a memory module into the other available slot, or replacing the standard memory with a higher-capacitymemory module.

Installing memory:

1Turn off the computer. Make sure that the AC adapter is disconnected, and then remove the battery pack.

2Turn the computer over to access the memory compartment on the bottom of the unit. Remove all screws (1) from the memory compartment door, and then lift the door off (2).




3 Insert the memory module diagonally in the slot (1), and then





press down gently until it clicks in place (2).







4 Replace the memory compartment door, and fasten the screw.

The computer automatically detects the new module and reconfigures the memory.

Hard disk upgrade

It is possible to replace your hard disk with a higher capacity drive when you need more storage space. Your computer uses a 9.5mm 2.5- inch Enhanced-IDEhard disk. Consult your dealer if you need to perform a hard disk upgrade.


Peripherals and options


Moving with your


Your Extensa 2000/2500 series notebook computer is ideal for taking with you when you move around.

This chapter provides tips on things to consider when traveling with your computer.