Acer 2000 Series User Manual
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Peripherals and options

Expansion devices

PC Card

Your computer features two PC Card slots that support two standard Type II or one Type III CardBus (PCMCIA). This greatly increases your computer's usability and expandability. A variety of PC Cards are available, such as flash memory, SRAM, fax/data modem, LAN, and SCSI Cards. Consult your dealer for information on PC Card options for your computer.

Note: Refer to your card's manual for details on how to install and use the card.

To insert a PC Card:

1Align the card with your computer's PC Card slot. Make sure that the edge with the connectors is facing the slot, and that the card is the right way up. Many cards are marked with an arrow to help you insert them correctly.

2Slide the card into the slot, and push gently until the card connects.

3If necessary, connect the card's cable to the jack on the outer edge of the card.

4Windows will automatically detect the card's presence.