Acer 2000 Series User Manual
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Your computer supports both parallel and USB printers. Refer to the printer's manual for information on:

Setting up the hardware

Installing the necessary drivers in Windows

Operating instructions

To use a USB printer, simply connect the device to one of your computer's USB ports, and then wait for Windows to find the new hardware.

To connect a parallel printer, first shut down the operating system. Connect the printer to the parallel port, and then restart the computer. Wait for Windows to find the new hardware.

Audio devices

Your computer offers built-instereo speakers. See the section entitled“Audio” on page 26 for more information on these features. However, in addition to the integrated devices, the two audio ports on the rear side of the unit enable you to connect external audio input and output devices.

You can plug an external microphone into your computer's microphone-injack. This offers the convenience of greater freedom of movement, as well as improved audio input quality.

Connect headphones to the headphone jack for private listening and improved audio output quality.