Acer 2000 Series User Manual
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External display devices

You can connect an external (VGA) monitor or projector to your computer's external display port.

Use the Fn + F5 hot key to toggle the display setting between the computer's LCD panel and the external display device. See “Hot keys” on page 16 for more information.

External input devices

You can connect a variety of input devices to your computer's USB ports, providing increased functionality and greater ease-of-use.In addition, the USB ports can be used to connect many other peripheral devices, such as digital cameras, printers and scanners. See“Expansion devices” on page 42 for more information on connecting PC Card devices.

External keyboard

Your computer features a full-sizekeyboard. However, if you prefer, you can connect an external keyboard to one of your computer's USB ports. This enables you to enjoy the comfort and added features of afull-sizedesktop system keyboard when inputting typed data on your notebook computer.

External keypad

Your computer features an embedded keypad that, when combined with the Num Lock feature, enables you to easily input typed numeric data. Alternatively, you can connect a 17-keynumeric keypad to one of your computer's USB ports. This enables you to enjoy the benefits of a numeric keypad without interfering with your use of the computer's keyboard for typing text.

External pointing device

Your computer features a sensitive touchpad pointing device with two click buttons and a scroll key. However, if you prefer to use a conventional mouse or other pointing device, you can connect it to one of your computer's USB ports.




Peripherals and options

USB devices

Your computer features four Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 ports for connecting a range of USB peripherals. See “External input devices” on page 39, and“Printer” on page 41 for information on connecting a USB keyboard, keypad, mouse or printer. Other common USB devices include digital cameras, scanners, and external storage devices.

USB is plug and play, which means that you can connect and start using a USB device without having to restart your computer. You can also disconnect the device at any time.

A further advantage of USB is the ability to use USB hubs. This means that several devices can share a USB port simultaneously.