Acer 2000 Series User Manual
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Power management

Your computer features a built-inpower management unit that constantly monitors system activity. System activity refers to any activity involving one or more of the following devices: keyboard, touchpad/mouse, hard disk drive, optical drive, peripherals connected to the computer, and video memory. If no activity is detected for a period of time (the settings are controlled in Windows Power Management), the computer turns off some, or all, of these devices in order to conserve power.

Your computer employs a power management scheme that supports Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), enabling maximum power conservation without compromising system performance. ACPI allows Windows to control the amount of power given to each device attached to the computer. In this way, Windows handles all power-savingchores for your computer. Refer to Windows Help and Support for more information.



Operating on battery power


Peripherals and


Your Extensa 2000/2500 series notebook computer offers good expansion capabilities.

This chapter provides information on connecting peripherals to expand your system. It also describes how to upgrade key components to enhance system performance and keep your computer in step with the latest technology.

You are advised to consult your dealer for information on peripherals. In addition, make sure that you read the manuals and other documentation provided with new hardware.