Acer 2000 Series User Manual
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Securing your computer

Your computer features hardware and software security solutions, in the form of a slot for a Kensington lock and a password facility.

Security slot

A slot for a Kensington slot enables you to physically protect your computer from theft. Use this feature as follows:

Wrap a security lock cable around a heavy or immoveable object, such as a drawer handle on a file cabinet, or a table leg.

Insert the lock into the slot on the computer, turn it 90°, and then lock it in place.

Setting a password

Passwords protect your computer from unauthorized access. When set, no one can access the computer without entering the correct password.

There are three types of passwords you can set:

1Supervisor Password secures your computer against unauthorized entry to and use of the BIOS Utility.

2User Password secures your computer against unauthorized use.

3Hard Disk Password protects your data by preventing unauthorized access to your hard disk.

Important! Do not forget your Setup and Hard Disk passwords! If you forget your passwords, please get in touch with your dealer or an authorized service center.


You can set the passwords using the BIOS Utility.


Getting familiar with your computer


Operating on

battery power

Your Extensa 2000/2500 series notebook computer operates on battery or AC power.

This chapter provides information for operating on battery power, as well as information on how your computer manages and saves power.