Acer 2000 Series User Manual
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Getting familiar with your computer

Connectivity options

Your computer has built-inconnectivity options, enabling you to hook up to a network or communicate over a phone line.

Ethernet and LAN

The integrated network feature allows you to connect your computer to an Ethernet-based(10/100BASE-T)network.

To use the network feature, plug an Ethernet cable into your computer's network jack, and then connect the other end to a network jack or hub on your network.

See Windows Help and Support for information on setting up a network connection.


Fax/Data modem

Your computer features a built-infax/data modem, enabling you to communicate over a phone line. This means that you can connect to the Internet via a dialup account with an ISP, log in to your network from a remote location, or send faxes.

Warning: Your modem is not compatible with digital phone lines. Plugging the computer into a digital phone system will damage the modem.

To use the fax/data modem, plug a phone cable into your computer's modem jack, and then connect the other end to a telephone jack.

Warning: Please use the delivered phone cable in the country of use.