Abocom CFM560 User Manual

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CompactFlash 56 Fax Modem Card

The CompactFlash 56K Fax Modem Card brings you the latest in communication technology. This CompactFlash 56K Fax Modem Card is designed for Pocket PC/Windows CE-basedpalm sized handheld PCs. Designed with an integratedRJ-11connector, this CompactFlash 56K Fax Modem Card lets you use standard phone lines, and the data communication functions of the modem will enable you to successfully hook up to the Internet, transmitE-mail,send and receive information and communicate with other PCs.


Designed for Windows CE handheld devices

Small form factor integrates into mobile and handheld platforms

Attached port with one integrated RJ11 phone connector into the card. No moving parts to break and no media coupler to lose

Complies with CF+/CompactFlash Rev. 1.4

Plug and Play

"Hot Swap"

Low power consumption with 3.3V operation

Auto-stepdownward compatibility for connection


Card Type

CF+ / CompactFlash Rev. 1.4

Modem Standards

Hayes AT Command Set, V.90, K56Flex, V.34+, V.34, V.32bis,


V.32, V.23, V.22bis, V.22/Bell 212A, V.21/Bell 103 § Fax


Standards: Group III, V.29, V.27ter, V.21 Channel 2, V.17, EIA


Class 1 Commends

Error Control

V.42, MNP Class 2-4

Data Compression

V.42bis, MNP 5

Dialing Methods

Tone and Pulse

Operation Modes

Asynchronous, Full Duplex, Automatic and Manual Call


Originate, Automatic and Manual Answer


In Active Mode: 140mA


In Sleep Mode: 90mA


88 x 42 x 15 mm (3.46 x 1.65 x 0.59 inch)


Operating: 0° - 55° C (32° - 131° F) Storage: -25°- 70° C(-13°-


158° F)


10% - 90% (no-condensing)


FCC Class B, CE