Abocom BM200 User Manual

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Bandwidth Management

The BM200 is the newest Bandwidth Management system from AboCom Systems, Inc. specifically designed for business networks. It guarantees Internet quality and assists network managers to attain maximum bandwidth. Additionally, QoS is added to further guarantee bandwidth and quality speed.

The Accounting Report function of the BM200 helps to quickly discover network traffic jam problems. This is a needed tool for properly managing an enterprise’s networking system.

Added to that is the Policy Management function of BM200 which helps network managers to strategically allocate bandwidth. This function allows companies to effectively and efficiently reach and manage bandwidth goals, thus saving network resources and the Internet down time.


QoS (Quality of Service) guarantees best bandwidth and quality of the Internet connection.

Supports NAT Mode and Transparent Mode Supports two-ways(Incoming & Outgoing) bandwidth control and asymmetrical management policy

Supports NAT Modeand Transparent Mode Professional Network Log and Accounting Report

Policy Management by User/Group/Server/Port Time-ScheduleManagement


Guaranteed bandwidth

Supports MRTG Traffic Statistics, easy to trace and analyze

Provides Multi-ServersLoad Balancing Supports Content Filte

Supports Virtual Server and IP mapping (Multi-DMZHost)

Embedded Linux OS and Watch Dog enhances high performance, reliability and compatibility.

4x LAN Port; 1x WAN Port

Supports Multi-languageUI, easy to manage

Firmware upgradeable Via Web UI

QoS (Quality of Service) function of the BM200 guarantees best bandwidth and quality of the Internet connection.

Simple Setup

The BM200 supports NAT Mode and Transparent Mode, therefore allowing for the original network structure and setup to remain in place without making changes to the system or adding an extra database. Its plug and play trait makes it convenient and smart in all networking environments.

Professional Network Log and Accounting Report

With AboCom Systems’s Accounting Report and MRTG Statistics, the BM200 can dynamically detect network resources to assist in the configuring policy of bandwidth management. This advantage helps the network manager quickly discover problems that cause network traffic jams; thus managing the bandwidth effectively and efficiently.

Prevents Hackers

The BM200 provides strategic firewall protection; more than ten anti-hackermodes are innerbuilt to intercept hackers. Users can setup a Rule Base themselves. With 24 hours, 7 days a week (24x7) elastic time management and Hacker Alert,E-mailcan be sent simultaneously to inform the network manager to intensify the safety of the internal network.

Highly-Integrationand Expansion

Whether you place BM200 in front of the firewall or before/after NAT, you can instantly connect to the Bandwidth Management to integrate and expand the efficiency of the network system.

Easy Operation and Convenient Management

The BM200 provides multi-languageweb interface management, making it even easier to manage and control. The Bandwidth Management produces graphs and reports under a variety of different network management demands. The network manager is always kept informed with automatic alerts when abnormalities occur.



Multi-languageUI Web management


- System Log




- Incoming Log


- Outgoing Log





- Intruder Log




- Packet statistic (MRTG)


- Accounting Report





- Support xDSL



ISP Service



- Cable





- Leased Line Services




- QoS (Quality of Service)




- Guaranty

Bandwidth Management


- Max





- Bandwidth




- Priority




- TransparentMode-MultipleNAT


- Packet Filter (Policy base access control)




- URL & General Blocking (Content Filter)



Firewall Security

- Access Control by Group


- Time-ScheduleManagement





- Stateful Packet Inspecition (SPI)




- Attack (DoS) detected item select




- Attack (DoS) Alert (Email & Log)





- DHCP Client / Server


Protocols Support

- DNS Proxy







- NTP (Network Time Protocol)






- Virtual Server



- Special Internet Application



- Multi-ServersLoad Balancing


- Multi-DMZhost (Mapped IP)





- Idle renew DHCP



- Dial-on-Demand,Auto-Disconnect& Reconnect






- Authentication with PAP & CHAP for PPPoE







Waveplus MIPS 100MHz




8MB Flash Memory32MB SDRAM




4 x 10/100Mbps LAN Ethernet Ports (Auto MDI-X)




1 x 10/100Mbps WAN Ethernet Ports (Auto MDI-X)




1 x Power / 1 x Status / 1 x WAN /4 x LAN Port LED



Power Supply

External, DC 5V / 2.4A



Physical: Dimension

22(W) x 15(D) x 4(H) cm, Weight: 940g