Abit GURUCLOCK User Manual

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Guru Clock

The 3rd Eye On Your PC

Easy Installation

PC Power On/Off

H/W Monitor & Warning

Prompt OverClocking

Current Time Indicating

Room Temperature Indicating (10°C~50°C)

MSN Checking


Large LCD Screen (4x7cm)

Guru Linking Cable (1.8m)

PC Connection:

The Guru Clock is a hot-swappabledevice, no needs topower-offyour computer to do the connection. All you have to do is to install the ABIT uGuru Utility first (bundled in thedriver-CD)and restart the system before connecting Guru Clock to your computer. A µGuru icon appears at the lower right of the status bar represents your system is ready to connect Guru Clock.

This device only works together with top-of-the-rankof ABIT’s motherboards equipped with uGuru technology. DO NOT connect this device with regular USB cable or on any other motherboards.

Attach the end of the linking cable’s 5-pin-plugto the GURU1 header on your ABIT motherboard.

Screw the I/O shield with the linking cable passing through into any position with empty PCI slot at the computer’s back panel.

Attach the other end of the linking cable to the linking connector at the back of the Guru Clock, no matter when the system is on or off.

The Guru Clock is now ready to serve at your fingertips.


Rev. 1.01

ABIT Computer Corporation

Guru Clock

LCD Screen:

[CPU Speed]: This section displays the reading of CPU speed.

[OC Level]: This section displays the level you choose in the OC Guru Setting.

[AutoDrive]: This section lights up when running AutoDrive OC Guru Setting.

[FAN Speed]: This section displays the reading of fan speed detected at the fan connectors for CPU, SYS, NB, VGA AUX1, or AUX2.

[Current Time]: This section displays your local time, available in 12 or 24-hourformat.

[MSN Information]: This icon blinks when the computer is having MSN message.

[H/W Warning]: This icon blinks when an abnormal temperature reading has been detected.

[H/W Temperature]: This section displays the reading of temperature detected at the area near CPU, SYS, PWM, or VGA.

[H/W Frequency/Voltage]: This section displays the reading of frequency or voltage detected at CPU, SYS, PWM, or VGA.

[Room Temperature]: This section displays your room temperature detected by the thermal sensor mounted at the back of the Guru Clock.

[E-mailInformation]: This icon blinks when the computer is havingE-mailmessage.

Note: (1) Except the E-mailand MSN information icon, all the icons on the screen will still displaying your hardware readings even after systempower-offas long as the system power supply is connected with AC power source. (2) The VGA icon appears only when applying ABIT’s VGA card to ABIT’s motherboard equipped with uGuru technology.

Button Operation:

There are three buttons to control the options to be monitored on the Guru Clock.

[Power On/Off]: Press this button to power-onyour computer, press and hold this button for more than 4 seconds topower-offyour computer.

[Menu]: Press the button to select the menu from the options of [OC Mode], [Temperature], [Fan], [Voltage], and [Frequency].

[Select]: Press button to select the options in this menu.

After selected the categories you want to monitor, press [Menu] button again to confirm your selection.

Setting Menu:

After completed the installation of ABIT uGuru Utility (bundled in the driver-CD)and restart the system, a µGuru icon appears at the lower right of the status bar.

To enter the Guru Clock setting menu, power on the system, move your mouse pointer to this µGuru icon, right click your mouse button. The µGuru menu spreads up. Move your mouse pointer to the Guru Clock icon, left click your mouse button once again.


[Temperature], [Fan], [Voltage], [Frequency]: Select the options you want Guru Clock to monitor from these main categories.

[Temperature Format]: Select the temperature format from Celsius or Fahrenheit.

[Time Format]: Select the 12 or 24-hourtime format.

[Run at system start up]: Check this box to enable the system to run the Guru Clock setting menu.

[OK]: Confirm and exit this menu.

[Apply]: Confirm and save the new settings modified in the menu of ABIT-EQto Guru Clock.

[Refresh]: Confirm and save the new settings modified in the menu of Guru Clock to ABIT-EQ.

Email / IM:

[Connect To MSN Messenger]: Enable/Disable connection to MSN Messenger.

[Check Email]: Enable/Disable Email checking function.

[Check every


minutes]: Type in the time interval

you want to check Email.

[Add]: Add in another new POP3 address setting. The [POP3 Setting] screen pops up.

[Remove]: Remove the POP3 address selected in the POP3 address column.

[Modify]: Modify the POP3 address selected in the POP3 address column.

POP3 Setting:

Here in this menu you can key in your user name, password, and POP3 server information for adding another new E-mailaccount. Click [OK] to confirm and exit this menu. Click [Cancel] to exit this menu without saving any information.