Abit GD8PRO User Manual
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Chapter 3



3-1.SoftMenu Setup

The SoftMenu utility is ABIT’s exclusive and ultimate solution in programming the CPU operating speed. All the parameters regarding CPU FSB speed, multiplier factor, the AGP & PCI clock, and even the CPU core voltage are all available at your fingertips.

Brand Name:

This item displays the CPU model name.


This item displays the processor speed.

Cache Size:

This item displays the L2 cache size of your CPU.

CPU Operating Speed:

This item displays the CPU operating speed according to the type and speed of your CPU. You can also select the [User Define] option to enter the manual option.

User Define:

WARNING: The wrong settings of the multiplier and external clock in certain circumstances may cause CPU damage. Setting the working frequency higher than the PCI chipset or processor specs, may cause abnormal memory module functioning, system hangs, hard disk drive data lose, abnormal functioning of the VGA card, or abnormal functioning with otheradd-oncards. Usingnon-specificationsettings for your CPU is not the intention of this explanation. These should be used for engineering testing, not for normal applications.

There will be no guaranty for the settings beyond specification, any damage of any component on this motherboard or peripherals result therein is not our responsibility.

!External Clock:

This item selects the external clock frequency.

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