Abit GD8PRO User Manual
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BIOS Setup




Maximum Payload Size:

This item sets the maximum TLP payload size for the PCI Express devices.

3-8.PC Health Status

ABIT FanEQ Control:

This item allows you to control the ABIT FanEQ by pressing the <Enter> key.

FAN Fail Alarm Selectable:

This item selects the fan that will be monitored for malfunction.

Shutdown When FAN Fail:

When set to [Enabled], the system will be shut down if the CPU fan is not running.

CPU Shutdown Temperature:

This item sets the temperature that would shutdown the system automatically in order to prevent system overheats.

CPU Warning Temperature:

This item selects the CPU’s warning temperature limit. Once the system has detected that the CPU’s temperature exceeded the limit, warning beeps will sound.

NOTE: The onboard hardware monitor function is capable of detecting these system health conditions. If you want a warning message topop-upor a warning alarm to sound when an abnormal condition occurs, you must install the “Hardware Doctor” utility. This utility is included in the “Driver & Utility CD” that came packed with this motherboard.

All Voltages, Fans Speed and Thermal Monitoring:

These unchangeable items list the current status of the CPU and environment temperatures, fan speeds, and system power voltage.

NOTE: The hardware monitoring features for temperatures, fans and voltages will occupy the I/O address from 294H to 297H. If you have a network adapter, sound card or otheradd-oncards that might use those I/O addresses, please adjust youradd-oncard I/O address to avoid using these addresses.

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