Abit GD8PRO User Manual
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Chapter 3



3-7.PnP/PCI Configurations

Resources Controlled By:

This item configures all of the boot and Plug-and-Playcompatible devices.

[Auto]: The system will automatically detect the settings.

[Manual]: Choose the specific IRQ resources in the “IRQ Resources” menu.

!IRQ Resources:

Click <Enter> key to enter its submenu:

This item sets each system interrupt to either [PCI Device] or [Reserved].

PCI/VGA Palette Snoop:

This item determines whether the MPEG ISA/VESA VGA cards can work with PCI/VGA or not.

[Enabled]: MPEG ISA/VESA VGA cards work with PCI/VGA.

[Disabled]: MPEG ISA/VESA VGA cards do not work with PCI/VGA.

PIRQ_0 Use IRQ No. ~ PIRQ_7 Use IRQ No.:

This item specifies the IRQ number manually or automatically for the devices installed on PCI slots.

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