8e6 Technologies ERH-100 (5K02-61) User Manual
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Unpack the Unit from the Carton

Inspect the packaging container for evidence of mishandling during transit. If the packaging container is damaged, photograph it for reference.

Carefully unpack the unit from the carton and verify that all accessories are included. Save all packing materials in the event that the unit needs to be returned to 8e6 Technologies.

The carton should contain the following items:

1 Enterprise Reporter (ER)

1 Bezel to be installed on the front of the chassis for “H” servers

1 AC Power Cord, 2 AC Power Cords for “H” servers

1 Serial Port Cable

1 CAT-5ECrossover Cable

Rack Mount Brackets (2)

1 End User License Agreement (EULA)

1 envelope containing a CD-ROMwith PDFs of the ER user guides. The latest versions of our user guides can be obtained athttp://www.8e6.com/docs/er5server. pdf (administrator),http://www.8e6.com/docs/er5_wclient.pdf (Web client).

NOTES: A coupler is included in the carton if athree-footCAT-5Ecrossover cable is packaged with your unit instead of a14-footCAT-5Ecrossover cable. An additionalfive-footCAT-5Ecrossover cable also is included in the carton if you have purchased the optional NAS (SCSI Connected Storage Device or “SAN”) unit.

Inspect the server and accessories for damage. If the contents appear damaged, file a damage claim with the carrier immediately.

WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, do not leave plastic bags used for packaging the server or any of its components in places where children or infants may play with them.


8e6 EnterpriseReporterQuickStartGuide

Select a Site for the Server

The server operates reliably within normal office environmental limits. Select a site that meets the following criteria:

Clean and relatively free of excess dust.

Well-ventilatedand away from sources of heat, with the ventilating openings on the server kept free of obstructions.

Away from sources of vibration or physical shock.

Isolated from strong electromagnetic fields and noise caused by electrical devices such as elevators, copy machines, air conditioners, large fans, large electric motors, radio and TV transmitters, and high-frequencysecurity devices.

Access space provided so the server power cord can be unplugged from the power supply or the wall outlet—thisis the only way to remove the AC power cord from the server.

Clearance provided for cooling and airflow: Approximately 30 inches (76.2 cm) in the back and 25 inches (63.5 cm) in the front.

Located near a properly earthed, grounded, power outlet.

8e6 EnterpriseReporterQuickStartGuide


Install the “H” Server Bezel

Before rack mounting an “H” server, the bezel should be installed on the front end of the chassis. This portion of the installation process requires you to unpack the unit and bezel.

NOTE: The bezel has been packaged separately from the unit to prevent damage during shipping.

Front of bezel

Outside of left inner rail

Inside front end of U-shaped


handle on left inner rail

Inner left rail attached to chassis

Pin on right side of bezel

8e6 EnterpriseReporterQuickStartGuide

A.Remove the plastic wrapping from the left and right U-shapedchassis rail handles.

B.On one side of the chassis (left or right), unscrew the inner rail from the chassis.

C.Slide the loosened inner rail slightly backwards to release it from the clips at the side of the chassis, and then lay it down beside the chassis, with the inside of the rail facing up.

D.On the inner rail that is still attached to the chassis, insert the bezel pin into the bottom hole of the U-shapedchassis handle. Be sure the pin is pushed all the way in so that it is flush against the handle.

E.Take up the free end of the bezel and also the loosened inner rail.

8e6 EnterpriseReporterQuickStartGuide


F.Return the loosened inner rail to its upright position and insert the bezel pin into the bottom hole of the U-shapedhandle.

G.Slide the inner rail forward beneath the clips to lock it in place.

H.Screw the inner rail back on the chassis.

I.After it is installed, the bezel should drop down when it is gently tugged forward and downward. The bezel should remain upright when raised up and closed.

8e6 EnterpriseReporterQuickStartGuide