8e6 Technologies ERH-100 (5K02-61) User Manual
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ER EnterpriseReporterIntroduction

Thank you for choosing to evaluate the 8e6 Technologies ER Enterprise Reporter. The ER is designed to readily obtain information about end users’ Internet activity via log files (text files containing Web access data) from a source device such as the 8e6

R3000 Enterprise Filter.

ER “H” server models include RAID technology for fault tolerance and high performance.

The ER is comprised of the ER server and client application. Once the ER server is configured and log files have populated the database, an administrator can use the ER client reporting application to virtually generate an unlimited number of queries and reports from data in the database. This data shows which end user is accessing which site, the duration of each site visit, and the frequency of these visits, and can help administrators identify Internet usage abusers, develop policies, and target sites to be filtered, in order to maximize bandwidth utilization and productivity. The client gives the administrator the ability to interrogate massive datasets through flexible drill-downtechnology, until the desired view is obtained, and then memorize and save the view to auser-definedreport menu for repetitive, scheduled execution and distribution.

8e6 EnterpriseReporterQuickStartGuide


About this Document

This document is divided into the following sections:

Introduction - This section is comprised of an overview of the ER product and how to use this document

Service Information - This section provides 8e6 Technologies contact information

Preliminary Setup Procedures - This section includes instructions on how to physically set up the ER in your network environment

Install the Server - This section explains how to configure the ER for reporting

Conclusion - This section indicates that the quick start steps have been completed

Evaluation Mode - This section gives information on using the ER in the evaluation mode

Specifications - This section features hardware specifications

LED Indicators and Buttons - This section explains how to read LED indicators and use LED buttons for troubleshooting the unit

Regulatory Specifications and Disclaimers - This section cites safety and emissions compliance information for ER models 5K02-51, 5K02-52, 5K02-55, 5K02-56

Appendix - The appendix explains how to set up the optional NAS (SCSI Connected Storage Device or “SAN”) unit

Conventions Used in this Document

The following icons are used throughout this document to call attention to important information pertaining to handling, operation, and maintenance of the server; safety and preservation of the equipment, and personal safety:

NOTE: The “note” icon is followed by additional information to be considered.

WARNING: The “warning” icon is followed by information alerting you to a potential situation that may cause damage to property or equipment.

CAUTION: The “caution” icon is followed by information warning you that a situation has the potential to cause bodily harm or death.


8e6 EnterpriseReporterQuickStartGuide