8e6 Technologies ERH-100 (5K02-61) User Manual
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Congratulations; you have completed the ER quick start procedures. Now that the ER server is set up on your network and the client can be accessed from your workstation, you will need to be sure the Web-accesslogging device you are using is sending log files to the ER database. Once the ER database is populated, the client can be used for generating reports.

Initially, you will only be able to report on IP addresses. To implement user names in ER reporting, please consult the ER Administrator User Guide.

Refer to the ER Web Client User Guide for information on generating reports.

NOTE: If you cannot view reports, or if your specific environment is not covered in the ER Administrator User Guide, contact an 8e6 Technologies solutions engineer or technical support representative. Port 22 (SSH) and Port 3306 (SQL) must be open on your network to allow access by remote technical support.

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