4XEM IPCAMW45 User Manual
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In this manual, "User" refers to whoever has access to the Network Camera, and "Administrator" refers to the person who can configure the Network Camera and grant user access to the camera.

Hardware Installation

The Ethernet cable

should meet the specs of UTP category 5 and not exceed 100 meters in length.

Using the Power Adapter as power source:

1.Plug the Ethernet cable into the Network Camera.

2.Connect the Power Adapter to the Network Camera.

3.Plug the Power Adapter into electrical outlet.

4.Observe LED status lights (status light progression specified below).

Using Power over Ethernet PoE as power source:

1.Connect one end of Ethernet cable to 12V PoE injector (purchased separately).

2.Connect the other end of Ethernet cable to the Network Camera.

3.Observe LED status lights (status light progression specified below).

The Power Adapter is not used when powering with PoE.

Status LED Color




Blinking Red

Power is being supplied to the camera.

Steady Green

The camera is booting up.

Blinking Orange & Green

The camera is trying to obtain an IP address.

Steady Orange

An IP address is successfully assigned to the camera.

Blinking Orange & Red

The camera is working.

Fast Blinking Orange & Red

During firmware upgrading.

Proceed to software installation when the LED status light blinks orange & red.

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Digital Input/Output Terminal

This Network Camera provides a general I/O terminal block with one digital input and one digital output device control.

Software Installation

When the hardware installation is complete, users can use the Installation Wizard program included in the product CDROM to find the location of the Network Camera. There may be many Network Cameras in the local network. Users can differentiate the Network Cameras with the serial number. The serial number is printed on the labels on the carton and the back of the Network Camera body. Please refer to the user’s manual for the Installation Wizard for more details.

Once the installation is complete, the Administrator should proceed to the next section "Initial access to the Network Camera" for necessary checks and configurations.

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