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Where your applications meet 3M-Matic™solutions


We’ll show you how 3M-Matic Case Sealers can make your packaging operation more efficient and more productive.

Using 3M-Matic Case Sealers instead of hand taping can help improve your bottom line by decreasing operator

fatigue, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. But don't take our word for it. See for yourself...with a free, no-obligationdemonstration right at your door.

We'll bring a variety of boxes to show you how quickly

and easily 3M-Matic case sealers can do the job. You can also B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Boxes) to see how well our case sealers perform with your specific packaging operation.

3M-Matic Case Sealers

Mobile Demo Vehicle

Hands-ondemonstrations of multiple case sealers right at your facility.

Video demonstrations of other case sealers, packaging processes and additional helpful tips.

Detailed payback-analysisreport to see if a case sealer is right for your operation.

Enough space on board for you and your employees to watch/participate in demos.

Check out these three case sealers:

3M-Matic Stainless

Steel Random Case Sealer 700r-s

Increase your productivity and save money with this versatile sealer. Designed to withstand the harsh spray wash environment found in facilities such as food and beverage plants, the 3M 700r-sseals up to 15 different

size cases per minute—automaticallyadjusting to the height and width of each box. Ideal for reliability and productivity in a high moisture, corrosive packaging environment, thisheavy-dutycase sealer was engineered with 99% stainless steel and conforms to NEMA standard 250 type 4x specifications for watertight enclosures. Handles a wide variety of case sizes and weights.

3M-Matic Side Belt Adjustable Case Sealer 800aT

Improve packing time and reduce operator fatigue with the 3M-MaticSide Belt Adjustable Case Sealer. This versatile equipment seals up to 30 cases per minute easily adjusting to seal cases as small as 4.75" high x 4.5" wide and as large as 24.5" high x 21.5" wide. This equipment also features a3-ft.T-tablepacking

station to improve operator comfort and increasing productivity.

3M-Matic L-Clip

Save time and get a more consistent seal for a variety of case styles including full overlap, five-panelfold and telescoping boxes.Semi-automaticprocess applies prefed 4.5"L-clipof Scotch® Filament Tape or Scotch® Reinforced Strapping Tape at up to 50 clips/min. Durable buffing rollers provide consistent closure for standard andnon-standardbox styles. Saves energy with full pneumaticoperation—noelectric power needed.