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Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer 1400rf

3M brings speed and reliability to your fully automatic case sealing operations.

The 3M-MaticCase Sealer 1400rf provides productivity and automation for demanding packaging line operations. Its ideal for lines with random case sizes and where multiple lines running different case sizes come together for sealing. The patented 3M design utilizes a two step, continuous motion process to fold all four top flaps and seal the top and bottom of the case at speeds up to 14 cases per minute. 3M’s Accuglide™II low impact taping heads provide precise accurate tape seals.


Tubular Steel Frame Construction

Photo-EyeControlled Indexing Gate.

Top compression rollers

3M Accuglide II 2" Taping heads

Safety Interlocked Guarding

Tool-LessTape Head Removal

Right or Left Hand Machine Orientation

Allen Bradley PLC with Nema12 Enclosure

Built to individual customer specifications

For more information about 3M-MaticCase Sealers, contact your 3M sales representative or3M-MaticSystems Distributor. Or call1-800-722-5463.


3M Accuglide™ II 3" Taping heads (reduces minimum case width by 1")

Machine Casters

Low Tape, No Tape Indicator

Stainless Steel Frame and Footbolts

Nema 4 Electrical Package

Tall Case Modification (when difference in case height range is greater than 7")


1400rf Fully Automatic Case Sealer

Functional Description

The 1400rf case sealer utilizes a unique system of two floating counterbalanced heads to automatically seal random sized cases. Cases are indexed into the sealer as they are detected by the infeed photo-eye.Accelerator belts pull the case into the sealer creating a gap between consecutive cases. The indexing gate stops the next case as theheavy-dutychain-drivenflight lugs transport the first case into the centering arms. The leading minor flap is closed by an integral drive belt system that lifts the flap folder section up to the top of the case. Aphoto-eyesenses the leading edge of the case, actuating the flap folding section counterbalance brake and signaling the trailing minor flap kicker to close the flap. The major flaps are folded as the case continues to move forward. As the first case leaves the flap folder section, the indexing gate allows another case to enter while the first case pushes the counterbalanced taping head section up. A second counterbalance brake insures proper down force on the top of the case for applying a secure tape seal.

Flap Folder Assembly

Features an integral drive belt system that powers the flap folder section up to the top of the case, then a counterbalance brake secures the head against the case as the major flaps are folded.

Taping Head Assembly

Incorporates a 3M Accuglide™ II tape head, counterbalance brake, and compression rollers for tight, positive case sealing.



Boxes must meet the current FBA/PMMI voluntary standards for RSC (Regular Slotted Containers). All Boxes must be test run to insure satisfactory machine performance.

Case Size (L x W x H)

10" (250mm) x 7.5" (190mm) x 5.5" (140mm) minimum 22"( 560mm) x 16" (405mm) x 20" (510mm)* maximum

*Maximum case height difference is 7˝

Wider variations require the Tall Case Modification Option. Case weight requirement at least 10 lbs.

Other case sizes may be accomodated. Please consult with 3M.


Up to 14 cases per minute depending on case size mix.

Electrical Requirements

120 volt / 1 PH 20 Amp

Air Requirements

80 PSI clean air supply


Packaging Systems Division

3M Center, Building 220-8W-01

St. Paul, MN 55144-1000

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