3J USB-P8D User Manual

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1. Instruction

1.1 Summary

Plug into your computer’s USB port, you can make and receive skype calls. Phone rings for all incoming calls, dial Skype contacts and SkypeOut numbers from the phone. With dot-matrixLCD,ear-phonesocket, keypad and ringer, it is easy to use it just as mobile phone.

1.2 Features

1.Dot-matrixgraphic LCD, backlight

2.Dial skype contacts (speed dial number) and SkypeOut number by phone keypads

3.With ear-phonesocket, easy to free your hands

4.Phone rings for all incoming calls, ring style selectable by phone keys

5.Caller ID function for skype calls, support multi-languagedisplay.

6.Easy to review skype contacts and call list on LCD

7.Echo cancellation, noise reduction, full dulplex communication

1.3 System Requirements

1.Macintosh computer with G3, G4 or G5 processor

2.Mac OS X V10.3 or above

3.Free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port


4.128MB RAM and 20MB free disk space

5.Any broadband connection or minimum 33.6 Kbps dialup

1.4 Package Contents

1.One USB Skype Phone

2.One user manual

3.One installation CD

2 Keypads Instruction


(1)Press to display the contacts list, press

/to scroll the contacts list.

(2)Press to call out the friend displayed on the LCD.

(3)Press to go back to idle.

(4)The contacts are sorted by name. Press e.g. 5 and you will see all contacts starting with “J” press the 5 a second time and you see all contacts starting with “K”

C:(1) Press to clear any numbers you have entered for a call.

(2)Press to switch between the Tabs of the Skype software.

(3)During a call you can press “C” to enable mute, press

C” again to disable mute

/: Up/Down

Press /to scroll call/contact list and to adjust volume

when talking.

: Dial/Answer

(1)Call out or answer a call.

(2)Press to put call on hold, release call by pressing

: Hang up

(1)Hang up a call or refuse incoming call.

(2)Press the key to go back to previous menu.

: Press to input “+” at idle state, else input “*”.

: Press to scroll ringer style at idle state, else input “#”.0-9: digital keys

(1)Press to input digital numbers.

(2)Press to send DTMF message while talking.

3.USB Skype Phone Installation

3.1 Install the Skype Software

Note: If you have previously installed the Skype software, proceed to3.2

Download Skype software and install it (www.skype.com). The version must be or higher.

Create a Skype account following theon-screen




3.2 Connect USB Skype Phone to PC

When USB Skype Phone is connected to PC, the LCD

shows as.

3.3 Install SkypeMate Software

Download SkypeMate software and install it.

Double click the SkypeMate icon on the desktop, you will be prompted that another program wants to use Skype. SelectAllow this program to use Skype and click OK.

4. Basic Function

4.1 Call Skype user from contacts key

Pressto display contacts.Press/to select a contact.


Pressto call out.

4.2 Call Skype user from call list key

Go back to idle, press/to display the call list.

Press/again to select a contact.Pressto call out.

4.3 Call Skype user from PC Contacts

Go back to idle, press “C” to switch Skype software to “Contacts” Tab.

Press/to select a contact.Pressto call out.

4.4 Call Skype user from PC call list

Go back to idle, press “C” to switch Skype software to “Call list” Tab.

Press/to select a contact.Pressto call out.

4.5 Call Skype user by Rename

Rename your contacts begin with digit number, for example, 11, 12, and so on. It shows as below.

Press “11” on the USB Skype Phone, then press, the first contact begins with “11” will be called out.


e.g.: If you want call the contact “bbc456”, you just need to press “11” on the USB Skype Phone, then pressto call out.

4.6 Call to regular phone

Press "00"+"country number"+"phone number", then press

to call out.

Example: call someone in Beijing, China, please press

00861012345678, and then press .








country code

city code

destination number




Note: If you want to use this function, you should buy SkypeOut Credit fromwww.skype.com first.

4.7 Answer a call

When a call comes in, the USB Skype Phone will ring. Pressto answer the call, or pressto refuse the call.

4.8 Put a call on hold

To place a call on hold, simply press the key. You can reactivate the call whenever you want, by pressing thekey again.

To make a call while you have a call in progress:

1.Select a contact on Skype Contact List orCall List.

2.Click the big, green button on Skype interface to call out. The first call is automatically put on hold.

3.Press to switch between the two calls.

The current call is placed on hold and the call on hold is reactivated so that you can continue conversing with the other party.

When you have finished, end each call normally by pressing key.


4.9 State Instruction

(1) Idle state



a. Skype online

b. Skype offline

c. Missed call

(2) The icons display in call list

a. Incoming call

b. Outgoing call

c. Missed call

(3) The icons display in contacts

a. Online

b. Offline

c. SkypeOut

5. FAQ

Problem 1

I can’t hear other party or other party can’t hear me while in talking?


Go to “Skype->Preferences->Audio”,setAudio output andAudio input toUSB Audio Device, it shows as below:

Adjust the Speaker and Microphone volume on SkypeMate GUI.

Problem 2

There is no voice comes out when play music?


Go to “System Preferences->Sound”,set theOutput andInput sound device to yourBuilt-in Audio, it shows as below:



Problem 3

I can’t play music through the USB Skype Phone?


Go to “System Preferences->Sound”,set theOutput and

Input sound device to USB Audio Device.

Make sue you didn’t mute the Output volume.