3J USB-P4K User Manual

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1.1 Summary

Plugging into your computer’s USB port, you can make and receive Skype calls. It’s Commercial speakerphone in high grade of quality having large LCD with backlight. Phone rings for all incoming calls. You can dial Skype numbers on the phone.

1.2 Features

1.Commercial speakerphone in high grade of quality, ideal for conference calls

2.Large LCD with backlight

3.Phone rings for incoming calls, ring style and volume selectable

4.Dial Skype contacts and skypeout number by phone keypads

5.Caller ID function of Skype incoming calls

6.Echo cancellation, noise reduction, full duplex communication

1.3 System Requirements

1. Windows 2000 or XP

2. 400MHz processor and free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port

3. 128MB RAM and 15MB free disk space

4. Any broadband connection or minimum 33.6 Kbps dialup

1.4 Package Contents

1.one USB Speaker Phone

2.one User Manual

3.one USB Cable

4.one Installation CD


2 Using the USB Speaker Phone

2.1 Keypad Instruction

















Press to scroll the caller or dialed number.

/: Up/Down

Scroll to the contacts.


(1)Press to scroll the Skype tab at the ready state.

(2)Delete the input wrong number while dialing. VOL+/VOL-: Adjust speaker volume.

FLASH: Quit all operation of the phone, and make it standby.SEND: Call out the number shown on LCD screen.

HELP: Press to open the help web page.

: Handfree key

: Press to input “+” at the ready state, else input “*”.

: Press to select ring style at the ready state, else input “#”.


2.2 Run Skype

Download Skype software and install it(www.skype.com). The version must be or higher.

Run Skype and log in with Skype account. You can create a Skype account as shown below:

After software’s startup, the icon will appear to the system tray as shown below:

That indicates the Skype are successfully connected to Internet. If the icon is shown as, you have to check your Internet connection.


2.3 Connect USB Speaker Phone to PC

When USB Speaker Phone is connected to PC, the LCD shows "VOIP Phone".

2.4 Run SkypeMate

Insert SkypeMate installation CD or download SkypeMate software, then install it.

Run SkypeMate

Double-clickthe iconon the desktop, the Skype program will pop up the window as shown below:

Select the first option “Allow this program to use Skype”, click “OK” button.

Note: If you selected the wrong option, you can make another selection. Please see2.8. FAQ /problem3 for detail.

After running SkypeMate, the icon will appear to the system tray as shown:


That indicates the device and Skype are connected successfully.

If the icon shown as(the phone is green and the outside is grey), please run Skype first.

If the icon shown as(the phone is red and the outside is green), it means USB Speaker Phone is connected incorrectly. Please reconnect USB Speaker Phone to PC.

2.5 Call another Skype user

Add "bbc346" to Contacts

AssignSpeed-Dialfor it, example "11"


Input number and call out:

Press digital "11" on USB Speaker Phone, this number will be shown on Skype window, then press SEND key to call out.

2.6 Call to normal phone

Press "00"+"country number" + "phone number", then press SEND key to call out.

Example: Call to China, Beijing, press 00861012345678,

then press SEND key.












country code

city code

destination number








(1) You can input “+”(press “





” key) instead of “00”.





For example: Call to China, Beijing, press +861012345678.

(2)If you want to use this function, you should buy SkypeOut Credit from www.skype.com first.

2.7 Answer a call

When USB Speaker Phone is ringing for a incoming call , pick up handset or press handfree key to answer the call.


2.8 FAQ

Problem 1

There is no voice comes out when play music?


Please execute the “Control Panel->Soundand Video ()->Audio”,setSound Playback andSound Recording’s preference device to your sound card. It shown as below:

Problem 2

The voice is played from the PC’s sound card instead of the USB Speaker Phone e when I make/answer a call?


Execute “Tools->Options->SoundDevices” to open the window as below:


Set “Audio In” and “Audio Out” to “USB Audio Device”.

Problem 3

Skype has been started, but the icon of SkypeMate still

shown as(the phone is green and the outside is grey)?


Maybe you have selected the wrong option. You can execute “Tools->Options->Privacy->Manage other programs’ access to Skype”, and then choose the needed option, click “Change” button to open the “Manage API Access Control” windows, and make another selection.